How Three Candles Transformed Our Space Into A Cozy Oasis

We’re always looking for ways to make home feel more home-y. Over the past few weeks, we’ve discovered the perfect additions. Georgianna and Giusseppi creates candles with a timeless look that add a hint of luxury into any space. The handmade creations have a variety of captivating smells that are sure to match your ideal feeling. As a result, their candles transformed our space into the cozy oasis we have been dreaming of. From the bedside table to our work-from-home desk, and even the reading nook, these candles bring something special.

Image via @gandg.home

Winding Down In Our Bedroom At Night

Having a candle on your bedside table is the perfect way to create dim lighting in order to wind down in the evenings. Here, we chose to try out a cozy candle scent, Cashmere Sweater to be exact. Doesn’t that just sound cozy? This candle is soft with warm notes of amber and patchouli. It creates a comforting atmosphere that is perfect for settling into your bed at the end of a long day. Try to keep things screen free – avoid TV or your phone. You may even find a new hobby in meditation, reading, or even journaling. These candles transformed our space for the night in a way that makes us eager to go to bed.

Energizing Our Work-From-Home Desk

Energy is key here! It’s so tempting, when working from home, to head to the couch or crawl back in bed, so find little ways to keep your work-from-home desk setup feeling like an actual workspace. We chose the Meadowlark scent to brighten up our desk. The notes of mint, lemon, and eucalyptus keep everything feeling fresh and vibrant to keep us sharp. With the candle in its place, there is plenty of room to put a few other things on your desk that make you feel happy. A few framed photos, chic office ware, even a hand lotion could leave you working in a space you genuinely enjoy.

Warming Up Our Reading Nook

Whether you’re curling up with a thrilling mystery or a scandalous love story, having a set space in your home to settle in with a good book can truly help you dive into the story and leave the world behind. We added the Speakeasy scent to this space. The intoxicating and lingering scents of teakwood create a mysterious ambiance that transforms this little corner into a quiet hideaway. At this point, the only thing left to add is a soft blanket and a cup of tea to have the perfect reading space.

Your home is most likely the space you spend the most time in. Make it a place that adds to your life and captures who you are. These candles transformed our space, and we are sure they could do the same for you. With so many scents to choose from, you may discover the perfect new change you needed.

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