9 Spaces We’d Like to Cozy Up to All Year Long

Hibernation is a word we became very familiar with during 2020, and now that it has rolled over to 2021 we can confirm we will be in hibernation mode, or just staying cozy! We have gathered up 9 spaces that we would like to cozy up to all year long. After reading this article we know you will be saying, “Cue Hibernation Mode” because that’s exactly what we would do as well! Scroll on to view all the images, and be sure to check out what the design team behind the space wrote about them!

Design by: White & Faded, Picture by: Janet Parrella-Van Den Berg

Space No. 1

Design by: Interior Impressions, Picture by: Jordan Weitzel

Our clients called upon us with an SOS! They were badly in need of an owner’s suite that allowed them to have a comfortable, cozy, serene retreat at the end of their very busy days. After all, they had two young children and both had high demand careers. Their bedroom had been neglected and all they could associate their bedroom with was babies, late-night feedings, and sleepless nights. As much as they loved their children, they craved a “grown-up” space that felt luxurious and calming. We used this stunning Phillip Jeffries wallpaper as the focal point of the room. An extra tall headboard from Universal Furniture created a little drama, and wall lighting by Hudson Valley gives a romantic glow and good reading light. Custom bedding and pillows were carefully curated to provide a perfect balance of cozy organic cottons, dramy linens, and a little bling with a shimmery velvet. The faux fur throw is the softest we’ve ever felt. This modern and sophisticated bedroom is now one of their favorite places to spend together and the end of the day!– Amy Leferink, Principal Designer

Space No. 2

Design by: Bri Moysa, Picture by: JH Wall Paints

This bedroom wall was designed with Lime Wall Paint to have a matte, velvety finish with soft tonal variations that give depth and dimension to the space. The soft patina lime wash painted finish is subtle yet luminescent with unique beauty that cannot be found in traditional paint. This wall was painted over a previously painted acrylic surface, so one coat of Mineral Prime and two coats of Lime Wall Paint in #105 were used to create this designed look.– Michele Harnish, co-founder of JH Wall Paints

Space No. 3

Design by: Etch Design Group, Picture by: Mia Baxter Smail 

The challenge was to create a luxurious retreat for a couple that spends their waking hours serving and caring for others. This Master Bedroom exudes elegance as you walk in to see a custom long-haired white Alpaca rug, with a glamorous cream and gold four-poster bed.  Soft hues of cream and grey are paired with vibrant pops of blue in the custom-designed drapery panels with a unique embroidered leading edge trim.  Every design detail was thoroughly executed to showcase and inspire the perfect mix of sophistication and luxury.– Stephanie Lindsey, Principal

Space No. 4

Design by: PDG Studios, Picture by: Good Carma Photography

The dramatic, fluffy, warm, and inviting bed (lots of plush pillows and textures) encourages snuggling, lounging, and relaxing. I love how the all-white bed with neutral contrast feels intimate and comfy all at once! The calm and neutral color palette adds character, yet allows the eye, mind, and body to rest. By incorporating intimate and soft lighting with soft bedside lamps, which is much less harsh than overhead lighting, we helped create an ambiance of softness and calm. – Lisa Haude, President + Principal Studio Interior Designer

Space No. 5

Design by: Dekay & Tate, Picture by: Ken Hayden

We wanted to create a space that really captured the client’s personality. This space, although fairly neutral and calming, is very expressive, creative, and nods to a fun, mid-century, groovy style that our client loves.- Nina Grauer and Eleanor Trepte

Space No. 6

Design by: Karen B. Wolf Interiors, Picture by: Christian Garibaldi

Cleaned up but still cozy, we call this home “Chill”. Designed for a laid back family that relocated from the city to the burbs, the large sectional is covered in a life-friendly performance fabric. The all-wool rug is warm and inviting and also hides dirt. The floating open shelf built-in is made of walnut, which is rich, classic and warm in tone. This space screams hibernation mode. – Karen B. Wolf, Creative Principal

Space No. 7

Design by: Karen B. Wolf Interiors, Picture by: Raquel Langworthy

The overall vision for this home and bedroom was modern farmhouse boho. The client wanted to incorporate pattern, texture, and soft colors that had a feminine feel with respect to her husband’s preferences. They made selections as a team and were very united in their design vision. The headboard and nightstands are from Anthropologie and are hand-carved, globally inspired, which help in bringing in the boho vibe and texture. Most clients prefer upholstered headboards, so we were thrilled that this client was willing to let us use the bed area to drive the boho vibe since it is so focal. – Karen B. Wolf, Creative Principal

Space No. 8

Design by: Karen B. Wolf Interiors, Picture by: Raquel Langworthy

This space was inspired by elevated comfort and livable-luxe living. The homeowners’ love for design and craftsmanship was a great partnership for us. They understood the importance of millwork to give a home character and they wanted their home to feel special. This family has three young girls, so we also made sure that fabrics and materials were family-friendly and easy to clean throughout the home! – Karen B. Wolf, Creative Principal

Space No. 9

Design by: White & Faded, Picture by: Janet Parrella-Van Den Berg

When designing a space that feels spacious, peaceful and cozy, it’s so important to design around the elements that cannot be moved. For instance, the windows and the fireplace. It’s important to stand in the middle of both and start from there. Because the windows and the fireplace in this room take up such a dominant place, staying with a monochrome color palette gives peace. Adding some beautiful textures gives a warm and inviting atmosphere that is needed in a monochrome room. – Janet Parrella-Van Den Berg, Interior Designer & Co-Founder White & Faded

Did you love these 9 spaces as much as we did? Drop a note in the comments about which one has you cueing hibernation mode!

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