The Best Indoor Plants for Black Thumbs

It’s no surprise to anyone on Instagram, that plant happy homes are everywhere. Living greenery is the new ‘accent color’ and ‘must have’ piece of decor in modern homes. Did we mention that we love it? Not only is this trend beautiful, but it’s also budget friendly! That is… if you can keep plants alive. And after consistently googling ‘how to keep _ alive’ (we’re looking at you fiddle leaf fig trees!), we’re no stranger to browning, yellowing, or falling leaves. So, after much research and trying them in our own homes, we’ve found the best indoor plants for black thumbs. We un-shamefully put ourselves into this category and thus promise these beauties are easy to care for. From little water to low light, they’ll survive- and even thrive- in your homes. Happy planting!

Photo by 4 Corners Photo

Snake Plant

These things grow like wild fire, and lucky for you, are one of the trendiest plants on the market right now.

Philodendron Split Leaf

This beautiful plant survives in low light, so it’s perfect for those corners or bookshelves you need to fill! However, in order for the leaves to split, indirect sunlight is best.

Jade Plant

This succulent needs little care – and who doesn’t love succulents?!

Spider Plant

Don’t let the name scare you, the lime green color of this ‘leggy’ plant makes it one of our favorites!

Photo by Brooke Borough

Air Plant

A spritz here and there will keep this plant happy. And since it gets its nutrients from the air, you can set or hang them pretty much anywhere!

Pothos Vine

Place this plant on a shelf and watch the vines begin to grow and hang, creating that perfect #shelfie for the gram!

Photo by Dulcet Creative, Modern Smoke Mural Nursery 


Yes, this is the plant from which that good-for-you ingredient comes from. And good for you too, it only needs to be watered every 3 weeks (at most!).

Rubber Plant

The pink veins of this plants leaves make it ever-popular with decorators, and us too! Its soil should be kept moist during the summer but typically only needs watering 2-3 times a month.

Photo by Brooke Borough

Which plants are already in your home? What have you had the most success with?


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