Meals Made Simple: New Cookbook from Against All Grain

Danielle Walker of Against All Grain is on the lifestyle blog today living a grain free life and loving it! With creative recipes (including dessert!) she has made a healthy choice into a delicious one. We can’t wait to try out dishes from Meals Made Simple and eat and cook more consciously with her helpful tips.  We’re also giving away a free, signed copy of her newest cookbook which isn’t even on stands until September 2!  So hurry and enter below!

Some people think Gluten Free and Dairy Free diets are just what’s trendy at the moment…why are Grain Free and the recipes in your cookbooks more than just a fad?

Gluten and dairy allergies are a serious issue and it is continuing to rise in the US. Even if there are no determined allergies, many people find they have intolerance and feel much better all around when they cut out these ingredients. Most do not want to turn back to a standard diet once they see major improvements in their health. This ‘trend’ is not going away.

Meals Made Simple: Against All Grain's New Book - Lifestyle Blog

What is your go-to meal as a mom on the go?

Grilled burgers wrapped in lettuce with all sorts of fixings depending on what needs to get used up in the refrigerator or tacos are our fall-back meals. Grass-fed ground beef is affordable and easy to keep on hand, and it defrosts and cooks quickly.


Most of us worry that eating healthier will be more expensive with all the substitutes and specialty items.  How do you justify spending the extra money on groceries?

We decided early on that there was not a price we could put on my health. I spent weeks in the hospital at a time and countless doctor visits, so in comparison, eating a healthy diet that keeps those visits to a minimum saves us much more money in the long run. Even without those health bills, we chose to cut out other expenditures like coffees and eating out in order to keep good quality food in our home. People are usually really surprised how much more affordable real foods are than the processed foods they are used to purchasing. There is a high price put on convenience.

Meals Made Simple: Against All Grain's New Book - Lifestyle BlogMeals Made Simple: Against All Grain's New Book - Lifestyle Blog

When you don’t feel like cooking or want a night out with your hubs what are your go-to restaurants or meals?
Chipotle is our cheap date night. We skip the rice and beans and load up on the gmo-free meats, fresh guacamole, and lettuce. Otherwise, we have a few local restaurants that serve quality food and are really accommodating with my substitutions. I typically chose a fresh fish dish or meat dish and substitute out the grains or potatoes for extra sautéed vegetables.


Any advice on how to eat with friends and family who are not living the Against All Grain lifestyle without inconveniencing others.

I always offer to bring a dish to help out, and make something that I know I can fill up on if all of the other dishes end up being off limits. I love to also offer to bring a dessert so my friends and family who don’t normally eat this way can see just how delicious recipes can be. Most people are so aware of dietary restrictions these days, they are usually willing to accommodate you if they’re asking you over to their home. If you are really concerned, have a small meal before heading to someone’s home so you do not offend them, but also do not go home hungry.

Meals Made Simple: Against All Grain's New Book - Lifestyle Blog

Best business advice I’ve ever received: Allow people to help you. Hire a team if necessary so you can continue to focus on your areas of strength and not take everything on yourself.

Favorite vice: coconut milk ice cream

Meals Made Simple: Against All Grain's New Book - Lifestyle BlogMeals Made Simple: Against All Grain's New Book - Lifestyle Blog

I can’t live without: my family

My favorite meal to cook: My grain-free lasagna. It’s time consuming and a process, but I find it therapeutic and feel so accomplished with each layer of love.  Plus it always fools grain-eating guests!

My Hero: My husband. He’s the strongest person I know and has helped me through more tough times in our life than I count. In terms of in the cooking world – Giada.

Meals Made Simple: Against All Grain's New Book - Lifestyle Blog

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42 responses to “Meals Made Simple: New Cookbook from Against All Grain

  1. I’ve cooked many of Danielle’s recipes from her book. One of my favorites, as well as the hubby & kids, is carne asada burrito bowls. The slow cooker beef chuck chili is so good & we love the Mexican chicken chowder…so many wonderful recipes!!

  2. I too am a fan of the slow cooker beef chili! My husband’s favorite is the cookies. We also do a couple from her blog all the time – Thai Crunch Salad and her dark chocolate fudge pop recipe!

  3. I loved her first book and can’t wait to check out her second one. My favorite recipe is her world famous bread!

  4. Such a genuine, Godly woman and inspiration to us all on how to balance the
    “Real food” lifestyle with “real life”! I love her waffles and lasagna!

  5. Against all Grain was the first gluten free cook book I ever bought. Danielle is such an inspiration to me! My favorite recipe is probably her mint chocolate chip ice cream. It is AMAZING.

  6. Thanks for this giveaway. I’m new to the Paleo lifestyle, and I’ve heard so many good things from Danielle’s cookbook!

  7. Love so many of Danielle’s recipes, but the lasagna and chocolate chip cookies are two of my favorites.

  8. Oooh! I never bought her first book… too many nuts 🙁 But I’ve heard lovely things about it!

  9. I’m sure everything in this book will be delicious. I can’t wait to try them out!

  10. I would love a copy of your book … just started following you and <3 all the delicious recipes.

  11. Would love a chance to win this cookbook! I am so excited to try out all the sweets! I am all about desserts:)

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