5 Occasions to Always Send a Card + What to Gift with It

We hope to never lose the art of sending a hand written card, but to be honest, when we are sending birthday gifts straight from Amazon or can instantly text a “thank you” it is easily forgotten. But there’s still nothing like giving or receiving a card in the mail! So, we thought it would be both necessary and fun to have the ladies of Sugar Paper share with us 5 occasions to always send a card. These are the times you shouldn’t overlook a personal note and sometimes even a gift. Thankfully, you can get it all in one place at Sugar Paper’s new Newport Beach location! (You can tour their L.A. studio here!) Founders Chelsea and Jamie say, “We believe handwritten notes are always appropriate, but should always be a part of the following occasions:”

1. Always pen a thank you note, for everything from a thoughtful gift to a party invite. When the card is acting as a thank you for something you’ve been given, it’s not necessary to include a gift in return.

Tip: Start the letter with a name and purpose. Sometimes in text or email, formally addressing a person by name is overlooked. Always address the recipient with “dear so-and-so.” Then follow up with the first sentence touching on why you’re writing to them. This will set the scene for the rest of the note.

When to Send A Card

2. Always send a card after a friend or family hosts you at their house as a guest (even just for one night!). A flower arrangement is always a sweet touch alongside the card.

Tip: Find the perfect stationery. Writing a note on thick card stock comes across as thoughtful before they even read the card. Find stationery that you love and keep a stash of it in your desk or in a drawer at home. It won’t go unnoticed.

When to Send A Card When to Send A CardWhen to Send A Card

3. Always bring a card and a gift to the host or hostess of the dinner or party you’re attending. We believe our candles are the perfect hostess gift. Just tie a bow on top and you’re good to go.

Tip: Include a personal touch. A personal note makes any letter more thoughtful. Add a sentence or two about your favorite dish at the dinner. If it is a thank you, include a note about a specific way you’ll put your new gift to good use.

4. Birthday cards are a must! Pair it with a monogrammed Sugar Paper journal or new phone case, then wrap it up with a bow and a tag and you’re set.

Tip: Write the way you speak. It’s very easy to tell the difference between a heartfelt note and a robotic one. Start by talking through what you would say if that person was standing in front of you, and then tweak it where needed so that it reads well when translated to paper.

When to Send A Card

5. Letters of condolences are always appropriate. Even if the message is brief, the thoughtfulness behind it is what will stick with the recipient.

Tip: Write a rough draft. Whether it’s a thank you note or note of condolence, carefully drafting your letter in a journal or in the notes section on your phone first will allow you to think through the flow of the letter before using a piece of your nice stationery.

When to Send A Card

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