2023 Halloween Party Inspiration

Spooky season is here and we are giving you all the Halloween party inspiration you need for it! Whether you are hosting/going to a party, or helping out in your kids classroom, we have you covered! From food ideas, to tablescapes, to cute decorations, this article has all the Halloween inspiration you’ve been looking for.

Image via Amanda Wilens

Theme Ideas

Rainbow Halloween

Images via Jessica Lynn Photography

Keep things fun and upbeat with a colorful pumpkin theme! There are so many different directions you can go with this theme by adding in classic Halloween touches.

Color Coded or Family/Couple Theme

This is a fun one! Request that your guests wear a specific color (as a couple or family), or come as an entire theme. If you’re hosting, you can choose to stay neutral with your decor, or something unique like a black & white theme. The options are endless!

Classic Orange & Black Party

Keep things classic with this orange and black Halloween theme. We love the addition of black and white polka dots and orange confetti balloons in this party! The spider webs, bats, mummies and pumpkins create an ‘original’ theme, while keeping it fun for all ages.

Food Ideas

Cookies ‘n Cream Spider Parfaits

Image & Recipe Via Pizzazzerie

The perfect dessert for any party! Using a mini glass or cup, layer crushed oreos with vanilla mousse/pudding for a delicious dessert that looks great with any color scheme. Top with a little spider & enjoy!

Halloween Charcuterie Board

Is it really a party without a charcuterie board? They have a wide variety of savory/sweet items, each one is unique and, truly, who doesn’t love a charcuterie board? We love this festive Halloween/Day of the Dead themed grazing platter.

Spider Taco Ring

Image & Recipe Via Delish

Parties are filled with appetizers and snack foods. Sometimes, it’s hard to decide what to make for a ‘main dish’. This easy spider taco ring is the perfect main dish for your Halloween party!

Decoration/Accessory/Game Ideas

Marshmallow Ghost Stack Competition

Image via Chasing 50 Toes

This is a fun one for adults and kids! See who can build the tallest ghostly tower & in the most creative way.

Painting Pumpkins

Image via Jessica Lynn Photography

Let kids get creative by painting their own pumpkins. Not only is this a great activity, but it’s also super affordable! A little hack from us – buy them from Trader Joes (where they’re under $1), or buy a bag in bulk (grocery stores or home depot). You can also purchase paint brushes, googly eyes, glitter and other accessories from the dollar store or Michael’s.

Pumpkin Bocce Ball

This backyard game is just like traditional bocce ball except the jack (the small ball thrown at the beginning to serve as the target) is replaced with a jack-o-lantern (which, of course, must be placed instead of thrown). Instead of tossing bocce balls, players roll small sugar pumpkins (stems removed), or similarly sized gourds (the rounder, the better), with the objective of landing closest to the jack-o-lantern.

If you’re still in need of some (family) costume ideas, you need to check these out!