10 Halloween Costumes We Love

Is thinking of costume ideas scarier for you than Halloween itself? Don’t let this spooky season get to you and let us show you 10 Halloween costumes that we love. All of these costumes are perfect for families with little ones. Even if you don’t have little ones, you can switch it up and make it a group costume for you and your friends. Prepare to get spooky with all of these adorable Halloween costumes!

01. Zookeepers and Their Animals

Image via @ashleysaulz__

This Halloween you can bring all of your favorite zoo animals right to your neighborhood. We are obsessed with the little lion, giraffe, and zebra costumes that make up the perfect zoo crew. Add the zookeepers, and you’ll be the cutest family on the block.

02. Peter Pan and Neverland

Image via @Idahomeliving

Prepare to fly to Neverland with this adorable group costume. Gather some pixie dust and your loved ones, and you’ll be sure to never grow up!

03. Star Wars

Image via Mint Arrow

Big fan of Star Wars? Get your whole family together and show off your love for the dark side!

04. Ghostbusters

Image via @bridgetlaurenh

Who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters! When we saw this group costume we knew whoever showed up in these costumes would be the cutest trick-or-treaters ever.

05. Flintstones

Image via Coming Up Roses

Yabba-Dabba-Doo! This Flintstone costume is for you! Gather your family and maybe some dum-dums, and you’ll have the best Halloween yet, guaranteed.

06. The Incredibles

Image via Happy Grey Lucky

Everyone loves the Incredibles, that is a fact. This group costume is iconic, and there is nothing more fun than dressing up as the coolest superfamily!

07. Cops & Robbers

Image via Happy Grey Lucky

Alexa, play Bad Boys Reply. We are obsessed with this sassy family costume, and we know everyone else will be too!

08. Alice in Wonderland

Image via Happy Grey Lucky

Ready for Wonderland? We know we are! This family Alice in Wonderland costume is cute, whimsical, and perfect for trick-or-treating!

09. Pirates

Image via Happy Grey Lucky

Yo-ho! Yo-ho! It’s the pirate’s life for us! Trick-or-treating in these costumes will definitely be an adventure, and who doesn’t love Pirates?

10. Where’s Waldo

Image via Happy Grey Lucky

Tired of searching for Waldo? Or that perfect Halloween costume? Well there is no need to look any further when you can just be Waldo yourself!

Let’s be real, life gets busy. Looking for Halloween costumes can become a chore and be the last thing on our minds. Of course the festivities don’t stop for anyone, and we can’t be left behind. This is why we hope our list of 10 Halloween costumes sparked some spooky inspiration, and you’re feeling ready to face this holiday season head-on.