10 Summer Nail Trends We are Loving

There is a reason why people say “I feel like when my nails are done, I have my life together.” Maybe this statement can’t be 100% factual, but there is no shame in leaving the salon feeling more confident than when you walked in — all because your fresh set is looking cute & fabulous. With so many different colors, trends, and patterns, going to the nail salon can be quite overwhelming. That’s why we have made a list of our favorite summer nail trends, to help you feel put together, in a stress-free way!

1. Wavy Nails

One of our favorite summer nail trends is these wavy nail patterns. This is arguably one of the most popular trends we have seen this summer, and it’s easy to understand why! There are plenty of ways to make these nails your own. Whether that’s through changing up the colors, or even the thickness of the waves. Either way, it’s hard to go wrong!

2. Colorful French Tip

These nails are perfect for a working gal, who wants to add some color in an effortlessly chic way. Without being too loud or distracting, these nails remain stylish and summery!

3. Gradient Nails

Why pick just one shade of pink when you can have 5 different ones? This gradient nail takes wanting a simple pink, to a whole new level. Don’t limit yourself to just pink too, you can try this summer nail trend with practically any color!

4. Floral Patterns

Who doesn’t love flowers, especially on their nails! We absolutely adore this cute and vibrant pattern, that is oh-so-perfect for summer!

5. Happy Faces

One of the cutest summer nail trends that we are loving currently, is smiley face nails! Nothing is happier than the warmth of summertime, smiley faces, and the color yellow! If you want to show off your bright & bubbly persona, you have to try these happy face nails this summer!

6. Matte Nails

If you are looking to switch up your nail game this summer, you should try matte nails! Matte nails give off a finished look that will make you look and feel like you have your life together. Besides, why do your nails have to shine when you already shine all on your own?

7. French Ombre Nails

If crazy patterns or colorful nails aren’t your thing, you should try french ombre nails! This takes french tip nails to the next level and leaves you with a sleek, clean, and stylish look for the summer.

8. Tie Dye

If you are looking to break out of your comfort zone, you should try tie-dye. These colorful nails are cute and fun, plus a perfect match for your summertime tan!

9. Stars!

Who doesn’t love cute stars? We know that we do! These are perfect for summer, and add the perfect detail to any outfit!

10. Yin & Yang

One summer nail trend that we absolutely adore, is these Yin & Yang styled nails. You can easily pick two colors to rock with this trend, and show off two sides to yourself!

With plenty of styles and trends to choose from, it is really hard to go wrong. Whether you are wanting to branch out and try something new, or keep your nail style more low-key — You’re bound to have plenty of compliments on your nails this summer!

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