Post-Work Rituals to Integrate into Your Daily Routine

We can’t be the only ones that end the work day by simply closing our computers and walking away. If you work from home, like us it can seem like the separation between work and play is non existent. That being said, it can be hard to leave the stress of work “at work” when you really are probably moving from your dining room table to the couch. We get it. Today on the blog we are sharing some of our favorite post-work rituals to integrate into your daily routine. Not only will these rituals help you feel like you are getting the well deserved reset you need, but we are willing to bet everyone in your home with thank you. After all, self care is the best kind of care there is.

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Light a candle

Your sense of smell is considered to be one of the most powerful, because it’s so closely linked to the parts of your brain that process emotion and memory. Lighting a candle can almost instantly evoke a new feeling just based on the scent alone! Consider buying a “post-work candle” that you light specifically when you get home from work (or, in many of our cases, when you close your computer and step away from your #WFH desk) and over time, your brain will start to associate that scent with the end of the work day to help keep you in post-work mode – and not running back to check “one last email!”

Dedicate some screen-free time to your evening

When so many of us are spending all day long in front of a laptop, it isn’t exactly the healthiest thing to step away from that screen and head to another (ahem, Netflix, cough cough, Instagram). Aim to dedicate at least 30 minutes to an hour each evening after your work day ends to a screen-free activity. Take a walk around your neighborhood, read a physical book, relax with some yoga or meditation, call a friend or loved one – whatever appeals most to you! The only rule is no screens allowed!

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Move your body as one of your post-work rituals

Once you log off of your computer, try making it a point to get up and move your body. Whether this is going to the gym for a post-work workout, going on a walk, or even just stretching for 30 minutes! After a long day of sitting at your desk, it’ll feel good to move and sweat!

Take advantage of the daylight

If you’ve been inside all day, make it a point to get some vitamin D before the sun goes down! This is harder to do during the winter months, but during the summer time you’ll have about 2-3 hours before the sun is fully set. So, go get some fresh air & sunlight before dinner and your nighttime routine begin!
Close your laptop. It sounds simple, but it’s so helpful to develop physical habits that indicate the end of your work day! Routinely doing something like shutting your laptop off & closing it at the end of your work day can help transition your mental state from “work mode” to “rest mode”.

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Switch up your location

Sometimes, ending your workday is easier said than done! Especially when you have all the freedom to keep going with your desk 2 feet away from your bed. Switching up your location can help to establish healthy work-life boundaries & gives you a physical reason to stop what you’re doing & step away from work mode. Even something as simple as planning to meet someone for dinner or watching the sunset at the park is one of the greatest post-work rituals!

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