Working Mom: Deborah Waltz of Peinture

We have a creative maven on our business blog today. Deborah Waltz, owner, and wearer of many hats, at Peinture has been a working mom for 18 years so we’re letting her share her advice in the realms of both business and family (and juggling them!).  At Peinture, Deborah has created an exciting and inspiring space for painting workshops and one-of-a-kind vintage furniture and home accessories! At home, she raises 2 teenagers. She thrives on inspiring both them and her customers, and today, all of us!


Name: Deborah Waltz

Company: Peinture

Title: Owner/Interior Designer/Furniture Artist

City: Costa Mesa, Ca

Kids: Amanda-18, Grant-13


Tell us a little about Peinture and how it got started!

Peinture is definitely an experience. We offer a line of paint that doesn’t require that you strip, sand, or prime the furniture first. You get right to the fun part! The best aspect of Peinture is our workshops. People compare them to taking a little vacation! They have permission to unplug and just be themselves…creating. Peinture was not something planned! I was working as a residential Interior Designer when I discovered Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan shortly after it came to the United States. I was researching easier ways to customize furniture for my clients. Within 24 hours of using the paint, I was hooked! I knew it was something that needed to be available to the public in Orange County. One phone call later, I became a Stockist for Chalk Paint® and I never looked back.

Working Mom: Deborah of PeintureWorking Mom: Deborah of Peinture

What does a typical work day look like for you?

My plans for the day are usually shot by 9:30! I’ve learned to roll with it. I can’t have a rigid schedule. I’ll keep any scheduled appointments, but other than that, I have to be flexible! I’ll get an email or a phone call that will require my attention, or I might have to run out and get supplies, whatever it takes.

Working Mom: Deborah of PeintureWorking Mom: Deborah of Peinture

Your furniture is beautiful! What’s the process behind finding and creating such unique pieces?

Thrift stores are on to us, which has increased the prices at those places. Garage sales are now the best option. I look for sturdy, well made pieces and over look scratches and nicks knowing that they will painted over or easily fixed! Deciding what to do with the pieces vary. Some pieces I know right away what color to use, others I’ll have to let sit until it comes to me. I often rough sketch the piece and paint it with my finger right on the paper. I’ll often add a stencil design to the drawers, or apply an appliqué if I feel the piece is a little to plain.

Working Mom: Deborah of Peinture

Tell us about your beautiful family. How do you balance being a Mom and running your own business?

I have two amazing kids! They are very different, but I love it and embrace the differences. My daughter is very social and scholarly, my son is more introspective and loves creative projects. They definitely balance each other out. Being a Mom and running a business is not easy! I think women are conditioned to feel guilty if they have children and also work. I was able to actually let that go due to my kids! My kids see that my job brings me joy and they totally support me. We have total open communication in our home. I have the advantage of my kids being older and if they want more of my time, they’ll just tell me. When they were younger, it was more of an intuitive thing. I knew when I needed to spend more time with my kids.

Working Mom: Deborah of Peinture

What is the favorite part about your job?

Hearing “I don’t want to leave your store!”. People always state how inspiring the space is. What could be better than inspiring people to create?

Working Mom: Deborah of Peinture

What is your favorite part about being a Mom?

The feeling of unconditional love. We know we are free to be who we are and that we will be loved no matter what. I’m hoping my children carry that out into the world…knowing that we are all different, and that’s okay.


How do you find space and time for yourself to be the best Mom and business women you can be?

Mom’s take care of of so many things that we often neglect ourselves. My solution is to travel, even if it’s for just a weekend. I won’t bring my computer and I’ll turn off my phone. Getting out of my environment is essential. Traveling exposes me to places and objects I have never seen and is totally inspiring. I come back super refreshed and recharged.

Working Mom: Deborah of Peinture

What is the best business advice you have ever received?

It was by a teacher in an Accounting 101 class and witnessing it in my Dad’s business relationships…”Avoid partnerships if at all possible.” I have seen so many businesses fail because of this element. There’s no way getting around difference of opinions. I think it’s even more important in a creative type of business. Our creativity is so personal.

Working Mom: Deborah of Peinture


Favorite activity to do with my kids: Camping

Someone I would love to work with someday: Sibella Court

I can’t live without: Travel

What I wanted to be when I grew up: I faintly remember wanting to be a Veterinarian!

What gets me going on Monday morning: Pinterest and a cup of coffee


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