When Things Aren’t Adding Up In Your Life, Start Subtracting

I often find that when things just aren’t going right over and over again, there is a reason. It’s not because we aren’t lucky or the universe has it out to get us, but it’s that we have made decisions or put actions in motion that have not given us the results we want.  So, you sit there, wallow and wonder “Why me?” You might even shed some tears over it. It’s normal, I do it too. Good for you… cry it out. Then you start to get mad and wonder… “Why did I lose money on that job?”  “Why do I have nightmare clients or a boss who is horrible to work with?” or “Why am I so exhausted – I’ve lost the passion for why I am in this business.”  Quite simply, it’s because of a series of choices we have made – choices that don’t generate the results we are looking for.

Every bad decision I’ve made in the past,  whether it was the wrong wedding PR client I took on or risk I took where I failed, have been HUGE eye openers for me. I may have been a little down after it happened, but I found a way to learn from that lesson and take it as a wake up call.

Maybe I needed to take on less or hire more to help with the demand. Maybe I needed to say “NO” if the opportunity wasn’t paid or required more hours than I thought was fair.

It’s time for you to make a different plan. Maybe you need to say “NO” when your gut is hinting that you should, and take that risk to say “YES” to something different.

If what you have been doing lately isn’t bringing you the results you want – CHANGE IT.

Stop it. Delete it. Start over. There is nothing like a new perspective, inspiration, book, class, consultant, workshop etc.. to help you get rid of the old and move on to the new. Do it today.  Delete what’s not working so we can start to add in the things that do.

You’ll be happier you did!!!


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