5 Simple Ways to Be More Charitable – Right Now

We all want to fill our days and lives with purpose, but it is easy to get caught up in the mundane and then weeks or months go by and we feel like we haven’t given anything back to our community or the world. And while making an impact on the world can often feel overwhelming, there are a few simple and easy ways to be charitable and make an impact here and now. And before you say “I’m broke” or “I literally have zero time” hear us out. You can give of your money, yes, and time, yes, but also your talents and your knowledge. There are countless unique ways to give back! If you’re pinched for cash, look into volunteer opportunities, and if you’re short on time, maybe see where you can donate your funds. We have more resources than we think and there are more ways to be give than one.

5 Simple Ways To Be More Charitable

Ways to Be Charitable, ways to give back

1. Donate Your Things

If you have jumped on the Marie Kondo train, and been KonMari-ing your closet and/or entire home, odds are, you have a lot of products that no longer bring you joy stacked to the ceiling, figuratively or literally. But guess what? They sure can bring someone else joy! There are so many women’s shelters seeking professional clothing, orphanages in need of toys, and houses that could make use of household supplies. Find your local donation center and give it all away! Not only will you reap the benefit of a cleaner space, but also the joy that comes from knowing your things have lived on for a greater use.

2. Volunteer

Did you know there are countless organizations out there that rely completely on volunteers in order to run? And then there are more, like hospitals, retirement homes, and churches that need volunteers in order to make patients and attendees feel more at home? Your time is so valuable and can have such a great impact on the people it is spent with or supporting. And we bet there is a community right around the corner that could benefit from you volunteering. Here are a few ideas to look into near you: homeless shelters, food banks, animal shelters, nursing homes. You can easily be paired with a cause you care about by using a resource like VolunteerMatch – see, no excuses!

3. Support a Cause You Care About

Can we give a big round of applause to all the non-profit companies out there that make it their mission to change the world? Whether you want to help end modern day slavery, world hunger, homelessness, you name it, someone – or likely a large group of people – has done the leg work to create a foundation that fights the good fight. And guess what? These missional companies function largely-if not only- off of donations. You can have a direct hand in bringing young girls out of sex-trafficking by giving to the people on the ground in Thailand, the Middle East, or in your very own city. That. Is. Powerful. Don’t discount the power your money can have when given to the right cause. Maybe you already know of one that just came to mind (tell us more about it by leaving a comment below!), maybe you want to sponsor a child, or maybe you need to do a little more research. Either way, we encourage you to make giving a regular part of your life – whether you are rolling in the dough, or not. Yep, or not.

4. Shop Where It Counts

We’ve said it before, and we will continue to say it until the whole world hears. Where you purchase your products impacts people all around the world either positively or negatively. And we don’t want the latter. When you are purchasing clothes, home decor, gifts, or anything, really, you can make decisions that help direct change and support people. Support artisans in communities around the world where jobs aren’t readily available by shopping at The Little Market, or help military wives have stable jobs by purchasing leather goods from R. Riveter. Charity while shopping? It’s a win win.

5. Encourage Give Back Initiatives at Work

If you are tight on funds and time, your workplace is a great place to start! Most companies are willing, if not eager, to launch volunteer and give back opportunities for their employees at work. This could mean an office wide clothing drive, a volunteer day dedicated to serving the local community, or a lunchtime activity spent filling boxes with gifts for orphans and underprivileged kids during the holidays. By bringing one or all of these suggestions to the table, you yourself will get the opportunity to give back and also see it impact the business you are a part of! Plus, your boss will surely appreciate your initiative to improve the company’s charity efforts!

How do you like to give back? We would love to hear what causes are you passionate about supporting in the comments below! 

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