The Dos and Don’ts To Stand Out in Your Internship

So you landed the internship of your dreams, first of all, congratulations! Take a moment to pop some bubbly, and soak in your accomplishment. Once you have properly celebrated it’s time to start preparing for your first day, and that’s where we come in. Today on the blog we are sharing the dos and don’ts to stand out in your internship that we have collected from the past 13 years of business. That being said, the work doesn’t stop after you read our tips be sure to actually follow through with them. We recommend printing (or writing) these tips to stand out in your internship down in a notebook so you can refer back to them time and time again.

DO fully commit to the position.

The company and team have invested time and energy into hiring you and training you for an internship position. Your commitment to the job will make you stand out and allow them to trust you with even more responsibilities.

DO ask questions.

This is especially important in a remote internship position! Ask your supervisor(s) questions so you can make sure you’ve completely understood the task at hand and will always deliver great results.

DO share your ideas.

As an intern, you may feel nervous about speaking up during meetings or brainstorms. However, your fresh eyes and new ideas may be just what they need!

DO be enthusiastic.

A positive attitude will always unlock more doors for you. Everyone wants to be around someone with an infectious enthusiasm!

DON’T wait around.

If you finish your tasks early, ask your supervisor(s) if there’s anything else you can help with! This will allow you to see more aspects of the job, and let the team know that you’re eager to learn and help.

DON’T be unorganized.

If you happen to get an internship where the managers don’t use a task managing system, then don’t be afraid to set one up yourself. You do whatever you need to do to make sure you are delivering on all of your assignments. Our team’s favorite task manager is Asana, we love how easy it is to navigate!

DON’T be afraid to admit mistakes.

If you mess up, just be honest! We all make mistakes, and being upfront about any issues will allow your supervisors to solve problems quickly and help guide you in the future.

DON’T peace out.

Once your internship is over, try to stay in touch with your past coworkers and supervisors! You never know when they may have a job opening in the future or when you may need a reference!

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