Orangerie Events Office Tour

The wedding planner behind Orangerie Events has the ultimate space to mimic her ultimate party planning abilities for the not-so-typical bride – and we’re touring it on our business blog today! Her Raleigh, North Carolina office is full of eclectic pieces to spark inspiration and affirm clients that their wedding is bound to be fun (ahem her prized slushie machine!). Take a peak inside the super cute and unique space and a day in the life of Priscilla!


Name: Priscilla Erwin

Company: Orangerie Events

Title: Wedding and Event Planner

City: Raleigh, NC


Tell us a little about Orangerie Events and your inspiration for this space!

Orangerie Events is a boutique wedding planning and design company based in North Carolina. We take pride in offering a refreshing approach to wedding planning and event design for seekers of something unique, personal and playful. I set out on a mission six years ago to start a wedding planning business that broke the mold. I didn’t want to be stereotypical with ribbons and lace and pearls. I wanted an inspiring business that appealed to the bride who wasn’t getting married at the country club. She was having a wedding infused with meaningful details and personal touches and wanted a planner with that same unique style. Our office is a reflection of the very foundation the business has been built on. It’s bursting with color and patterns and prints. It’s filled with inspiring quotes and special memorabilia. It’s a retreat that evokes happiness. It’s home to a fantastic sun drop slush machine. I was blessed to have a dear friend and photographer come and take pictures of my home away from home. Who wouldn’t want a planner with a bejeweled crown and a disco ball sitting in the corner of her office?


Orangerie Events Office TourOrangerie Events Office TourOrangerie Events Office Tour

What does a typical work day look like for you?

My day at the office usually begins around 9am, after a quick stop at the local Starbucks.  I use the first part of the morning to try and catch up on emails and to look ahead to any meetings and scheduled phone chats. I’m 100% of the time blasting my favorite tunes on Spotify as I work the morning away and I use my Emily Ley Simplified Planner to keep everything organized. I grab a quick lunch and then it’s back to work for the afternoon which is typically filled with venue site visits, check-in meetings with my clients, DIY projects and networking with other area vendors. Most industry events take place during the week and after normal business hours so it’s not uncommon to find me mixing and mingling at a networking function. I’m addicted to my phone and even text with my clients so I’m usually still working long after I’ve actually left the office.

Orangerie Events Office TourOrangerie Events Office TourOrangerie Events Office Tour

What is the main use of your space?

The space is the hub for all things pertaining to Orangerie Events. Whether it’s just the daily grind or meeting with clients, it’s a central space in downtown Raleigh that handles all of the ins and outs of the business.

Orangerie Events Office TourOrangerie Events Office TourOrangerie Events Office Tour

What is your favorite part of the space and why?

My favorite part of the space is by far my Sun Drop slush machine. I grew up in Hudson, North Carolina where every convenience store had a slush machine. I had withdrawals once I moved to Raleigh and am so proud to now have my own machine in my office. I’ve had people come up to me and recognize the company solely because of the Sun Drop slush machine. I promise if you’ve never had one, it will change your life.

Orangerie Events Office TourOrangerie Events Office TourOrangerie Events Office Tour

Best Business advice you’ve ever received?

The best business advice I follow is “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” This business is my passion. It’s not just a hobby. I’m doing exactly what I was intended to do at the given time in my life. Staying hungry means not becoming complacent but always striving for something more. Staying foolish means you keep it fun and unpredictable. It’s the perfect combination.


Orangerie Events Office Tour Orangerie Events Office Tour  Orangerie Events Office Tour


What you wanted to be when you grew up: Country Music Singer

Beauty Secret: Use Pond’s Cold Cream as a make up remover every night. My grandmother used it every day of her life and I swear she had the best looking skin.

Celebrity Style Crush: Jessica Simpson

Secret Talent: I can actually carry a tune. Hence the reason I wanted to be a country music singer.

I can’t live without: Sun Drop. How sad is that?

Orangerie Events Office Tour



Planner/Owner: Priscilla Erwin
Photographer: Julie Livingston
Make Up: Joanne Maye 
Chalkboard Art: Oblige Designs 



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