Inspired by Crispery-Delicious Custom Rice Crispy Treats!

I don’t  remember when or how  I first came across the Crispery’s web site, but when I did, I was in love immediately! I have been an avid fan of the rice crispy treat since I was a child and in my adult years have considered them a throw back delicacy reminding me of a more simple time. After getting in contact with Vicki Mate, the founder of the Crispery,  I was overjoyed when a little package arrived at the door….with samples!!!! They were beyond delicious! My absolutely favorite was the original with m&ms on top. Each one was so cute as well as delicious!

Then it hit me, Eureka! What a great treat to customize for a wedding favor, or to include on a sweets table or in a welcome bag!!! Everyone has been doing the cupcake, I think the rice crispy cake should be the next hot thing: sweet, light, crunchy and gooey all at once…who wouldn’t want one? Not only do I love the treats but I love the story behind them! Growing up Vicki was a marshmallow enthusiast who loved to make rice crispy treats, this stuck with her all through college. Fresh out of college she decided she would turn her marshmallow love into a money making endeavor.  I love all stories about ambitious women doing what they love! Especially when the result is one of my favorite treats. You can order off their website and have them shipped all over the US! To subscribe to Inspired By This and receive our posts click here!

Here are a few images of their treat packages

The crisperycrispery 2a little somethingcrispery 3


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  1. I love this idea! I have always liked rice crispy treats as well and I always think it’s fabulous when people put a new twist on traditional favorites. Thanks for the post!

  2. I can verify first hand, these are really good. And Vicki, if you would like to send us more samples, please feel free 🙂

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