Lily Ashwell’s Venice Beach Home & Shop

Relating to the minimalist aesthetic and the desire to fill our closets with easy to wear dresses, Lily Ashwell has created a beautiful brand. And a beautiful shop to showcase it in! We are thrilled to be touring Lily Ashwell’s Venice Beach home & the Lily Ashwell flagship store on our lifestyle blog today. It will make you want to live in this cute, eclectic neighborhood just like Lily. Or, it will have you shopping her frocks so you can channel her boho beauty. Be inspired by her stylish digs and tell us what you love most! Our pick? Her all-white bedroom that’s hidden behind a bougainvillea. Every pinner’s dream!  Without further ado, step into Lily Ashwell’s world for a moment…

Lily Ashwell's Venice Beach Home & Shop - Inspired by This

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  1. I’ve been to this shop and it’s seriously the cutest! It was fun reading the story behind it 🙂

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