BOXFOX’s Fun, Modern & Feminine Office

These women – and best friends – created the ultimate gift box, after not being able to find just the right curation of gifts for another friend. Now, they’ve grown into a big, bright, beautiful loft space in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Between juggling their corporate clients, brides, and fans as well as their growing team, they took the time to give us a tour BOXFOX’s fun, modern and feminine office. We think you’re gonna love what they’ve done with the space!

Let’s start at the beginning – tell us a little about how BOXFOX began! Was the initial concept the same as what BOXFOX is today? Or did it evolve from your first idea for the business? 

The idea for BOXFOX hit us in 2013 when one of our good friends was hospitalized with pneumonia. Chelsea wanted to send her a care package and ended up running around to a handful of different stores, then struggled to get to the post office during business hours while she was at work. We wanted to make it easier to send thoughtful, personalized gifts for working women like ourselves. So, we drafted a business plan and put our idea in motion.

In the beginning, we had two main criteria: one being pretty and two being personalized. We designed our signature nude gift box to be simple and elevated so that any gifting occasion could be impressed upon them.

As for personalization, we wanted to let our customers curate their own items. We created an algorithm for our BUILD A BOXFOX platform that lets customers hand select the products in their gift. We also top every box with a handwritten note so that each box feels very human.

We never imagined how much that personal touch would resonate with corporate gifting. By popular demand, custom corporate gifts are now more than half of our business. 

Now, you’ve grown into this big, beautiful space in El Segundo! How big is your team, now, and how would you describe your company culture? 

Our culture is family. We started BOXFOX as three best friends, and have grown to thirteen employees (plus several amazing interns). Our first hires were some of the most trusted, hard-working people we knew: friends from childhood, fellow Bruins, an amazing mother and her daughters, and a sister duo. We really consider ourselves a family business, and we’ve welcomed spectacular talent from outside our networks into BOXFOX with open arms.

Our fox family is all about togetherness, whether we’re singing in the warehouse packing orders, swapping soups on Mondays, or sharing insights in our business book club. We work really hard, but we always try to make room to explore everyone’s interests and have fun.

What does a day in the life at BOXFOX HQ look like? 

We start every day with a morning stand up, where we roundtable what everyone is working on. Some days they’re longer, some days they’re brief, but stand up has helped our team get on the same page with our active projects, inventory, and goals.

We end every day with stand-down too, recapping our day and relaying updates. We’re adamant about these structured meetings because the days can get really crazy in between them. It’s all a race to the post office, trying to get as many orders out as possible, while still managing our corporate orders, taking calls, shooting content, reconciling inventory, overseeing the website and managing our team.

In terms of fulfillment, the team starts with their dailies, which includes cutting ribbon, fluffing boxes, and prepping the tables for online and corporate packing. Maddy and Rachel start processing labels and answering any customer service questions. The team will pick and pack orders until power hour when the team ships all the boxes before the delivery men arrive. We turn up the music and make it really fun!

I’m constantly surprised at how much we can accomplish in one day. We truly have a dream team.

A huge part of what makes the boxes so great, is the products inside! How do source such amazing pieces and decide what to include? 

We think so too! We always strive to bring all of our favorite brands and products together in one place, making it easier to send gifts without having to run around to so many different stores. We try and find a healthy balance between having brands everyone knows and loves like Voluspa and Sugarfina to bringing new brands like HAY to the forefront (they have a  dual coffee-scoop & sealing clip to keep coffee fresh – genius!).

We’re constantly doing product research for our custom corporate and bridal clients, so our range is constantly stretching and growing in new product directions. I’m really excited about some manufacturing projects we’re working on too.

Do you have a current favorite product? 

I love all of the fun sheet masks, I definitely subscribe to the skincare craze. I’m in the process of trying all the masks we currently carry and really trying to pay attention to the different ways they affect my skin. So far, I like the TonyMoly Lemon Brightening mask the best!

How did you decide on an aesthetic for your office? Was it difficult to blend your different styles? 

We lucked out with our space. It’s light, bright, and lends itself so well to our creative style with our abstract loft.

Much like BOXFOX and our product offerings, I think our overall aesthetic is a perfect blend of all three co-founders. We brought our different personalities and textures to the space and they harmonize together so perfectly. Chelsea loves mixing darker woods with light colors, and she had the vision for all of the sage green. Sabena wanted to bring in more golds and metals which helps add detailed dimension to every corner of the office. I’ll take credit for the plants – I think they really make the space feel warm and welcoming.

What is your favorite part of the space? 

Our central table is my favorite. It’s where we come together for stand up, stand down, and strategy meetings in front of the whiteboard. I think it’s really emblematic of the fact that we do our best work together.

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