Behind the Scenes with the Show Me Your Mumu Girls

Naturally with one of the most popular brands of the moment, the gals behind Show Me Your Mumu are pretty awesome too! So we are more than excited to have them on our business blog today sharing their story from start to success! With spot on branding and pieces showing up all over celebs and Bachelor stars, people can’t get enough of Mumu. And after chatting with Co-Owners Cammy Hebert and Cologne Schmidt  we can’t either! Take a peak into their style (and accessory) packed office, and see what a day in the life of these two fashionistas is like!


We love Show Me Your Mumu! What inspired you to start it?

Cammy: We went on a last minute trip to Miami in the middle of summer. It was so hot and we were dying for something to wear that was flowy, cute, comfy, good for humidity, easy for day and night, etc. and that is when we realized we needed to make the traditional mu’u mu’u for modern girls- so we shortened the traditional style and shortened the name and “Mumu” was born! That was our first style and still remains a best seller!

Show Me Your Mumu

What does a typical work day look like for you?

Cologne: Every day is different! We spend a lot of time at our offices in LA.  I am in charge of the website so I spend a lot of time on the E-Commerce side and with the web team.  Cammy and I also design the line, so we try to spend as much time on design and fabrics as possible.  We travel a lot too; we like to be at all the markets, engaging with our buyers and watching the clothes in action.  There is so much going on here at Mumu and we are very hands on in every department- The creative side, and the business side.

Show Me Your Mumu

Your line screams “fun!” What is your favorite part of your job?

Cammy: Photoshoots! They end up being a ton of work BUT a ton of fun. It’s a bunch of our girlfriends in a random location running around with headdresses and mumus. We are exhausted at the end of shoot days, but always make sure to have a big group dinner at a fun restaurant and laugh about the madness of the day. Our team is made up of the most hardworking, creative bunch of girls doing everything from photography, set design, props, modeling, styling, etc and it is always so exciting to see the final result of a photoshoot. Every shoot has it’s own theme, concept and vibe.

Show Me Your Mumu

What do you look to when you need inspiration?

Cammy: Inspiration is everywhere! Assouline coffee table books (Gypset & Capri are favorites), photos of Lord Glenconner party guests from his famed parties in Mustique, street style on Abbot Kinney where we live, different prints and fabrics when we are traveling on everything from wallpaper to curtains, Veruschka pictures, tropical fish, music festivals – seriously, we find inspiration in so many different place!

Cologne:  I try to take in a lot of inspiration when I travel.  It’s a big world out there, and it’s nice to look at fashion outside of LA.  I am inspired by my friends- they all have their own awesome style.  We are above all inspired by our Mumu customers and what they want from us!  We design for our Mumu girl, and luckily we are all #MumuGirls so we get to design clothes that we love!

Show Me Your MumuShow Me Your Mumu

We see so many celebs running around in your line. Who has been your favorite to collab with?

Cammy: Kate Hudson is my personal muse and style icon so when she is running around in Show Me Your Mumu I get very happy! Also, Candice Accola. She always looks fantastic. Her style is effortless and she isn’t afraid of wearing fun prints and colors. She is the ideal mumu girl- hardworking, talented, ambitious AND kind, creative and adventurous!

Cologne: We love collaborating with TV stars, especially from The Bachelor! They are all real girls and are so grateful and excited to wear Mumu.  Jessica Alba wears Mumu a lot, and we love how she styles it.  Kate Hudson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Beyonce were some of my personal fav’s in Mumu!

Show Me Your Mumu

What has been your favorite moment to be a part of with your job?

Every Monday is my favorite! We do a contest on instagram #mumumondaygiveaway where mumu fans can post their personal pics in their mumus and we pick one winner every week to receive free mumu goodies. It is really rewarding to see all types of girls doing all types of things all around the world in Mumu!

Show Me Your Mumu Show Me Your Mumu

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

Cammy: My friend, Vanessa, had this painted on her door: “Work Hard. Be Kind. And Amazing Things Will Happen.” I believe in that completely!

Cologne: “Enjoy it.  You can always go work for someone else.”  And then I remember how much I love my job, even when times get tough.

Show Me Your Mumu

What you wanted to be when you grew up:

Cammy: Cirque Du Soleil performer
Cologne:  An Actress, and then a Doctor.

Beauty secret:

Cammy: Facials at Caudalie
Cologne: Wash my face and put lotion on every night, even if I’ve had a bottle of wine….

Show Me Your Mumu

Celebrity Style Crush:

Cammy: Kate Hudson, Veruschka, & Tippi Degre in her youth.
Cologne: Nicole Richie

Secret talent:

Cammy: I can do the splits
Cologne: I love running, snowboarding, and surfing.  Not really talents…. but hobbies 🙂

Show Me Your Mumu

I can’t live without:

Cammy: My man, our passports and our pup.
Cologne: My boyfriend Sam and my Boxer named Buoy.  Also, frozen yogurt.

5 Year Plan:

Cammy: BABIES!! And then we can launch “Mini Mumu”!
Cologne: Make Mumu the most amazing company it can be.  Buy a house.  Travel as much as possible  and see the world!      Show Me Your Mumu

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  1. Gorge office! I LOVE selling Show Me Your Mumu, it’s amazing to see how loyal their fans are to the clothes as well as the whole Mumu lifestyle 🙂 Xx, Jenn

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