7 Healthy Habits to Implement Throughout Your Work Day

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Start Your Day with a Gratitude Practice or Something You Love.

If you’re someone who’s guilty of hitting “snooze” a few too many times in the morning, then this is for you! I promise that having a healthy morning routine (filled with things that you actually ENJOY) will make a world of difference for your entire day. While everyone’s morning routine will look a little different, these are the things that make my mornings oh-so-enjoyable:

  • Making my bed & lighting my favorite candle. This is essential for creating a peaceful morning ambiance!
  • Whipping up my favorite drink. I typically bounce between chai tea lattes or matcha lattes (you can also add a scoop of collagen for health benefits!) 3. Journaling outside for 30 mins. I like to take this time to focus on what I’m grateful for and align my focus for the day. This typically puts me in a good mood & I feel ready to tackle the workday!

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Move Your Body Throughout the Day

Is your posture screaming, “I sit hunched over my desk all day!” Yeah…same. I think we all could be better about moving our bodies more throughout the workday. Lately, I’ve been setting a timer for every 30 mins to 1 hour, so I can stand up and stretch. This doesn’t have to be for a long period of time, but adding a little extra movement is beneficial for our blood flow, circulation, and overall focus. When we stay in one position for too long, our bodies stiffen and leave more room for brain fog, discomfort, and… bad posture.

Batch Your Tasks

What exactly is task batching?! This is where you take a similar set of tasks or projects and set them aside for a specific time of day. One of the most common examples of task batching is responding to emails within a certain hour (or two) of the day. The goal of task batching is to improve overall focus and productivity. So, if you’re someone who gets easily side-tracked, then this time management tool is for you! Personally, I like to go a step further and plug my tasks into work management systems like Asana and set timers on my phone for each batch.

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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Whenever our bodies are dehydrated, we’re more likely to feel sluggish, be less productive, and our cortisol levels can spike (leading to STRESS!) And while I would love to sip on lattes all day long, I know how important it is to prioritize water throughout the workday. Staying hydrated helps with our overall focus, alertness, and attention span, which is important when you have projects to complete! That’s why I love water bottles like the one from Healthish because it helps me track my water intake every hour. 

Take Your Lunch Breaks!

This one might seem obvious, but I’ve definitely been guilty of working through a lunch break or two. It is so important to give your mind and body a little break during the workday, so you feel refueled and recharged. Personally, I like to completely step away from my computer during this time and use it as an excuse to get a little extra sunlight! During your next lunch break, try walking or biking down to a local restaurant and eating outside. I guarantee that Vitamin D will boost your mood!

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Declutter & Personalize Your Space

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as working in a clean & comfortable environment!  Whenever my desk or office feels organized, my brain also feels organized. That’s why I’m always looking for new ways to freshen up my workspace & why I make it a priority to clean up my desk at the end of every day.

Commit to a Post-Work Routine

When the clock strikes 5:30 PM, it’s time for me to log off! My post-work ritual is just as important as my morning routine because I always want to end the day on a positive note. Whether this includes going to the gym, cooking dinner with my boyfriend, or lounging on the couch with my favorite book – I try to implement a few things that will help me wind down and reset.