5 Interview Questions You Should Always Prepare For

Fall is around the corner which means we have already started our intern hiring process (join the team!). Whether you’re applying to be an intern or a full-time employee, the interview is a crucial part of the application process. The way you answer your interview questions is what adds personality to your resume and what can ultimately set you apart from other applicants. Of course, you want your answers to be natural and genuine, but it doesn’t hurt to brainstorm some possible responses. Here are 5 interview questions you should prepare for:

5 Interview Questions You Should Prepare For from Wedding PR - Inspired by This
1. Tell me about yourself.
It seems self-explanatory, but this is kind of a loaded question. Your employer isn’t looking for a complete autobiography of your life. However, you want to use this opportunity to share what makes you unique. It’s a great way to add in some of your past studies, experiences and your future goals.

2. What is your greatest weakness? 
This question will pop up inn 9/10 interviews. It’s easy to list your strengths because you want to impress your potential employer. However, it’s often difficult to come up with a response you feel doesn’t makes you look bad. Hiding your strength as a weakness is cliché and isn’t necessarily answering the question. Remember, self critique is one of the qualities of a great employee. If you can genuinely state your weakness and state what you’re doing to proactively fix it, I guarantee your potential boss will be impressed.

3. What is a challenge you encountered and how did you resolve it?
A few seconds is not enough time to think of all the challenges you have encountered, so you need to prepare for these types of questions. Think of a scenario that is relevant to the job that you are applying for – don’t just talk about the first issue that comes to mind. Brainstorm ahead of time and be prepared to speak about a time that shaped you as a worker or confirmed your strengths.

4. Why should we hire you?
This is your time to shine and share the unique qualities that make you stand out from the rest. Share why you are the best applicant for the job and what value you will bring to the team. If you’re applying to be an intern, you better list some qualities worthy a full-time position.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Your employer wants to know that this isn’t just a job that is being used to fill up the time. Not only is their time valuable, but your time is too. Don’t waste anyone’s hour by pursuing something just because “it sounds fun.” Make sure that this position is aligned with your career goals.

An interview is an important step in joining a company, not just for the employer, but for you too! You want to use it to make sure that you are both on the same page and it’s a mutual fit. Use these questions as a stepping stone to really dive in to what you want to pursue and why. Set yourself apart and be genuine, but prepared. You’ve got this!!

xo, Leila Lewis, WeddingPR

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