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Jan 18, 2016

Resolutions For a Healthy Week

We kicked off the new year feeling good. We set goals in all areas of life and were determined to keep them. We don’t dare say it, but now is usually the time when our motivation starts to dwindle and our fitness drive slacks, so we need this just as much as anyone. Here are 4 Tips to make this week a healthy one – and if you missed our last few tips, you can see them here!

4 Tips for a Healthy Week - Inspired by This
Photo by Kylie Chevalier

1. Make Your Meals

Some of us in the office resolved to cook more this year, and bring our lunch more often. We love, really love, eating out, but keeping it to one or two times a weeks is better on our wallets and our health. And when you can have this salad for lunch, and this baked chicken for dinner, why wouldn’t you cook?! 🙂

2. Get Inspired

We stumbled upon this article this week from Emily Schuman’s nutritionist, and loved how is spoke into some of our biggest battles with food, and made edits more attainable in our heads. We’re making it a point to fill our brains with positive encouragement this week to stay on track with our long term healthy living goals.

3. Jump Start Your Day

When we get home after a day at the office, we are not only tired, but also want to fill our evenings with plans that seem a lot more fun than a workout, aka The Bachelor, or dinner with friends. So going on a walk first thing in the morning assures that we get at least some activity in. Plus, it leaves us feeling productive and ready to take on the day!

4. Take a break from booze

This may sound unnecessary, or let’s face it, just not what we want to do, but giving up alcohol for a week (or join us in our month long goal!) not only cuts excess sugar from our diet but makes us feel a whole lot more energized.

4 Tips for a Healthy Week - Inspired by This
Photo by Morgan Pansing



  • Kailey

    #4 will be hard, but it needs to be done!

  • Jenny

    Love the ‘make your meals’ tip!

  • Niki

    The morning walk idea sounds great!

  • Jess

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  • Shannon

    Totally agree with the morning walk! I always put off my workouts if I wait too long!

  • Anna

    I’m definitely going to use these tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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