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Sep 16, 2020

How to Start Your Day on the Right Foot When You’re Not a Morning Person

Morning’s are hard, no one actually wants to wake up at 6 am to go to the gym, but what we have found is that the reward makes it all worth it. If you have never been able to get into a morning routine, then please know you are not alone. The importance of a morning routine can be explained by the benefits. Think increased productivity, elevated mood, less stress, and a clearer mindset, just to know a few. Read on to see some of our favorite tips on how to start your day on the right foot.

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.01 – Start with Small Changes

If you want to start waking up earlier start making that change gradually over time. So if you are used to waking up at 8 am but want to shoot for 6 am start by taking away 30 minutes from your alarm. This will take you only 4 days to reach your goal and it will make it much easier to ease into the change.

.02 – Plan your Routine First

A morning routine is so important for so many reasons. But if you can’t seem to get yourself up early enough to enjoy the morning then try to plan out your routine beforehand. This will remove any excess stress you may have about the idea and give you the momentum to follow through with your plans.

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.03 – Get Everything you Need Prepped

If you have had a goal of going to the gym in the morning but can never seem to make it happen, then try this quick tip. Layout all of your gym clothes and items needed so that everything you need is all in one place. It can be hard to get up and get going so planning anything you can will likely help push you towards a successful morning.

.04 – Move your Body

By now, you should have guessed that we would mention moving your body, and that’s because it is so essential for your health! And, chances are if you move your body in the morning it will help you achieve a rhythm of wanting to get up to get it done!

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