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Oct 03, 2017

How to Know Which Vitamins are Right for You

Supplements are all the rage right now, which means the options can seem endless, and honestly a bit confusing! We’re thankful to live in a time when there is so much research available, and ongoing, to help figure out what is good for us. We know it’s important to get a good dose of nutrients every day, but which and how much of it varies from person to person. Thankfully, via a simple lifestyle quiz, we were able to pinpoint what is necessary with Care/of. Not only did they help us determine the right vitamins to take, but also ship a month’s supply directly to our door (thank you very much). Here’s how Care/of makes the process of determining which vitamins are right for you super easy and taking them even easier.

Before we jump in, we want to say we are in no way medical professionals and always recommend consulting your doctor or health professional before making any health decisions. And if you do decide to go with Care/of, make sure you use code INSPIRED50 for 50% off your first order.

Which Vitamins are Right for You

The What

To start, you’ll take a quick survey asking you about your lifestyle, goals and values. Whether you want to have more energy, combat the glasses of wine you drink in a week, or get the right pre-natal nutrients, Care/of finds out exactly what they need to know to create a personalized pack of vitamins. Plus, you can specify your dietary restrictions right from the start to ensure every vitamin aligns with your diet and lifestyle. Don’t worry, the survey is straight forward and won’t take you more than 10 minutes! Once you’ve finished, you’ll receive specific recommendations based on inputs straight from doctors and scientists.

Which Vitamins are Right for You Which Vitamins are Right for YouWhich Vitamins are Right for You

The Why

At the end of the survey, you are given a detailed description of each vitamin Care/of recommends AND WHY! In addition to the basics, you receive details on the research behind each vitamin, where it comes from, and studies that have been conducted surrounding its specific benefits. When it comes to what we put in our bodies, we want to know where it comes from and what it will do. This is why we love that Care/of’s vitamins are made up of the best quality ingredients, sourced from around the world to ensure you’re taking the cleanest possible vitamins. This is huge, guys. Say goodbye to mindless pill popping and hello to easy education on the supplements you take daily.

See something you’re unsure of, or want to add a different supplement? You can shop around all of Care/of’s options and customize your pack to your liking. You are also able to view the coordination price of each vitamin to tailor your package to your budget as well. We know supplements can be pricey, which is why we love being able to compare prices & quantities with health food stores. And to save you the trouble – Care/of is more affordable! (Plus you can save an additional 50% off when you use code INSPIRED50 on your order.

Which Vitamins are Right for You Which Vitamins are Right for You Which Vitamins are Right for You Which Vitamins are Right for You

The How

Once your pack is fit to your personal preferences, it arrives on your doorstep in a bright coral package. Your vitamins are all inside in a straight forward dispensable container with easy to follow instructions and a list of what your pack includes in case you forgot. Each dispenser includes 30 packs and each pack contains every vitamin you need that day. Whether you need three of one and one of another or vise versa, it’s all in there and ready to-go. If you’re the type of person who has a pantry cupboard full of different bottles and you often forget which is which and what is what – we hear you – and these small packs will make remembering easier and cupboard space ample.

Every month your pack will refill and arrive on your doorstep so you never miss a day. Then again, if you need to delay a week or two or even a month, it’s simple to set your schedule via your Care/of account.

Which Vitamins are Right for You Which Vitamins are Right for You Which Vitamins are Right for You

The When

Set the dispenser somewhere you will see it daily (by the coffee machine anyone?) and you’re ready to go. We place it right on our desks so that we can easily incorporate our pack into our daily routines. Coffee, emails, breakfast, emails, vitamins (you get the picture) – check.

But what about those days when we’re on the go? Glad you asked! Simply grab a pack or however many you need when traveling and toss them in your bag! You don’t have to remember to baggie off a perfect number of pills or take along an inconvenient pill box – thank goodness. Now, instead of kicking ourselves for forgetting to take our vitamins, we give ourselves a pat on the back for remembering every. single. day. (Not that it has much to do with us).

Which Vitamins are Right for You

Whether you are just starting to take vitamins, doing your research, or need a new system, you can try Care/of today and get 50% off your first month of vitamins with the code: INSPIRED50. Now you really have no excuses ;).


This post is in partnership with Care/of, however all opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Inspired by This!

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