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Mar 14, 2016

4 Things to Try for a Healthier Week

Happy Monday! We like to take a couple minutes at the start of your week to share some inspiring tips for making it a healthy one! We have been trying out these four things and are truly feeling the impact. From the shoes we wear to the things we eat & drink, making small conscious changes can make a difference. We don’t know about you, but altering our habits & schedule minutely at first always seems to have a more lasting effect!

4 Things to Try for a Healthier Week - Inspired by This

1. Lemon Water

We try and drink water all day long, which is a good start, but recently we read this article sharing the countless benefits of adding lemon to our water. Drinking a warm cup of lemon water first thing in the morning reaps the most benefits, but continually adding it to your bottle (this infuser bottle is our favorite!) all day long can have powerful effects!

4 Things to Try for a Healthier Week - Inspired by This

2. Vionic Shoes

We recently converted to Vionic shoes and now wear them all the time! The support is like nothing any other pair of shoes can offer us. Check out their new sneakers in all of the bright neon options like this cute yellow pair!

4 Things to Try for a Healthier Week - Inspired by This

3. This Smoothie

Breakfast is always a good idea. Kick start your day with a nutrition packed smoothie full of greens and protein to keep you full until lunch. We love this one from Be Well by Kelly!

4 Things to Try for a Healthier Week - Inspired by This

4. Fitness Tracking

We love this watch for a lot of reasons, but as far as our health goes, the tracking capabilities are truly motivating! Getting out for a walk or workout is much more enticing when we can see the results of it right there on our wrist. Plus, the fact that we can wirelessly listen to the playlist on our phone without taking it along on a walk or run makes things a whole lot easier.

Our Newest Fitness Watch Obsession - Inspired by This

We want to know what you do to ensure a healthy week, tell us in the comments!

  • Haley

    Definitely trying these today!

  • Carrie

    All about the lemon water!!!

  • Janette

    I need to get that tomtom watch!

  • Pam

    I’ve never heard of Vionic shoes… why do you love them?

    • Seriously?! They are awesome! We love them because of their amazing technology that reduces impact from workouts (or even walking). They have fantastic arch support and really cushion your feet. Hope that helps. We have nothing but good things to say about them!

      • Pam

        Thank you!! I will have to check them out 🙂

  • Margaret

    Love it! Here’s to a healthy week!

  • Judith

    Perfect tips to start the week off strong + healthy!

  • MacCall

    I have a pair of Vionics and I LOVE them!

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