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May 09, 2016

4 Things to Try For a Healthier Week

Here are the 4 things we’re trying this week to consciously make a healthy impact on our bodies! Try them along with us and tell us how you do (plus share your tips) in the comments!

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1. Meal Plan

Cooking for the whole week ahead of time is super helpful for for avoiding those takeout/eat out nights and staying healthy. We love Danielle Walker’s recipes & weekly digests where she shares a lot of the meals she ate that week! Here are a few more simple & healthy recipes.

2. Consume Coconut Oil… Every day!

This article gives reason after scientific reason to why you should start adding coconut oil into your diet/replacing your other oils with coconut oil. It was eye-opening for us. Now, to easily incorporate it we put 1 tbsp in our coffee in the morning and blend it – it actually makes it the consistency of a latte! We also use the Coconut oil cooking spray from Trader Joe’s.

Heidi Powell's Bikini Body Workout - Inspired by This

3. Heidi Powell’s Bikini Body Workout

This is serious business – and exactly what we need to whip our booties into shape. Plus, you can do it at home with just a pair of dumbbells in under 30 minutes.

4. This Song

There’s nothing better than a good song to amp you up for a workout – and JT’s “CAN’T STOP THE FEELING” seriously makes us want to move. Hit repeat.


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