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Aug 09, 2017

Why You Should Hire A Wedding Band

Today we’re tackling one of the toughest wedding planning questions – band or DJ?! We’ve weighed in on the topic before, and both are going to offer an amazing experience for your wedding day, but here at the IBT HQ we are all about the live band! They bring such a traditional vibe and great performance; we just can’t pass that up! Here are a few reasons why you should hire a wedding band:

1. There are so many different instruments that can be used according to your taste in music. There’s just something about having a live band – whether it’s the tapping of the drums, the stringing of the guitars, or the vocals hitting those high notes. Plus, they can often play the acoustic versions of your favorite songs (our personal favorite). This can be great for cocktail hour and ceremony music. Helpful hint: make sure you hear the band live ahead of time to make sure your style matches theirs!

2. Not only are bands able to accommodate a tempo change easily, they are able to vibe off of the crowd to make the experience an unforgettable one! If you want to make sure everyone’s on the dance floor, a band knows how to get them there. They bring a personal aspect to your special day as well as an intimate feeling to the reception. And for all those wall flower family members out there – you don’t need to step foot on the dance floor because you have a show to watch all night long!

Brian Pincus of Bob Gail Music says, “Nothing beats when a band is having a great time, performing the right song at the right time; the energy is contagious, and the audience can’t help but experience the fun.  It’s an energy that can’t be re-created with recorded music.”

3. And who doesn’t love a live performance on their special day?! It’s like a fun, front-row concert just for you and your loved ones 🙂 While bands can be a little more expensive, they are well worth the money! Whether you’re a live band or DJ kind of person, you’re going to have an amazing night, but take these tips into consideration before you book!


  • Phoebe

    Bands are so much fun!

  • Shelly

    Live bands are the best!

  • Jean

    Love the atmosphere wedding bands create!

  • Holly

    Love a great band!

  • Rebecca

    Bands are my favorite! I hired one for my wedding and it was one of the best decisions we made 🙂

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