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Jan 25, 2015

Rose Gold Anniversary Photos

This gorgeous couple on our wedding blog today was surrounded by glitter and garland galore on their Anniversary, photographed by the fabulous, Jennifer Rodriguez. With a mustard yellow velvet chair in the middle of a whimsical bed of tall grass, the couple and their adorable daughter smiled with their pearly whites and bright eyes. The wife wore a rose gold glitter top and long creme tulle skirt, topped with the most amazing red and pink rose and green leaved flower crown (can we have?!). Talk about our dreams of being real-life flower queens…she hit the look right on the dot! The husband looked dapper in a velvet jacket, comfy brown v-neck tee and jeans. Their very own flower child wore the cutest ruffled creme tutu dress with maroon leggings, standing on the chair for a picture perfect moment just like her mom! The color palette of this photo shoot is a rustic day dream and the floral arrangements by Precious & Blooming are made to perfection. Have you ever seen such perfectly undone flower crowns?! With the sun setting in the background and the rays of light fighting its’ way through the crack of the trees, this anniversary photo shoot is going to make the most wonderful album to look back on for many years to come.



Red & Gold Family Shoot Red & Gold Family ShootRed & Gold Family ShootRed & Gold Family Shoot Red & Gold Family ShootRed & Gold Family ShootRed & Gold Family Shoot Red & Gold Family Shoot  Red & Gold Family Shoot




Photography: Jen Rodriguez
Flowers: Precious & Blooming




  • So much love, and so much beauty. Gorgeous.

  • emily_annadelores

    This is SO GORGEOUS! Love!

  • Natalie

    Those flowers are incredible! They don’t even look real, they can’t be, can they?

  • Kate

    I can’t get over this family photo shoot. The flowers, the glitter, THE PERFECTION.

  • Zoe

    These flowers are stunning, along with her dress!

  • Jesica

    rose gold is so in right now.

  • Jamie

    I need that shirt!!!!!!

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