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  • Inspired by This Simple and Sustainable Photo Shoot - Inspired By This

    Inspired by This Simple and Sustainable Photo Shoot

    We at Be Inspired have been especially inspired by yellow lately! If you haven’t already noticed, see for yourselves here, here and here. It must be our subconscious desperately wishing for sunshine after our month of June Gloom! Today’s yellow love is a simple and sustainable photo shoot photographed by Mike Colon and styled by Kathrine Harris. This shoot at the The Montage Resort Laguna Beach gushes the romance, love and pure happiness that can be found on a wedding day. Model Brian’s suit was from Friar Tux and the gorgeous dress was designed by Julia Lovan Designs whose mission is “to create classic and beautiful clothing while supporting sustainable development.” The jewelry used was provided by Falling Whistles, an NGO that advocates for child soldiers in the Congo. The beautiful model Jessica wore a headpiece from Urban Outfitters and her hair and makeup were done by Maria Longhi. The florals add a finishing touch to the shoot and were created by Nisie from Enchanted Florists. We were so in love with this shoot we event created our own yellow board to go with it!


    • Jenny

      Thanks so much for posting the link to the necklace… I think i’m going to get one right now! So cute and such a great cause…

    • Erin

      Super Cute! I love the yellow kick you guys have been on!

    • Carrie

      Wow,this couple has AMAZING chemistry! Are you sure they aren’t really married?

    • Tara

      that last picture is so fun! What a great way to end the day

    • Lori

      love her bouquet and sash :)

    • Finley J.

      those models look like a real couple?! they aren’t? love these pics and the way the photographer captured them!

    • http://www.sweetchicevents.com/blog Sweetchic Events

      Omg, HOW goodlooking are those 2?! Especially the groom, oo-lala!! :)

    • http://www.wrinkleintimephotography.com Wrinkle in Time Photography

      Such a sweet, classy couple – so many laughs, it’s beautiful to see! Love the black/brown carnation.

    • Miss Carley

      are you sure they aren’t a real couple? or Mike must have a way with capturing people because wow they are just so cute. and i love her simple dress and accessories. not over done at all

    • http://www.andreamatone.com aMa photographer

      they seem like wedding models! good job also on the part of the photographer for capturing all the beauty of the spontaneous moments.