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Jan 29, 2010

Inspired by These Wedding Gloves

Along with a great head piece, possibly one from, I am also loving  wedding gloves right now. I am not sure when I would wear them but I just think they are so sweet and ladylike. They remind me of Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn and a time when women were ladies and men were gentleman. They are just classic. As I mentioned last week, I love a good old fashioned classic wedding with timeless details. So, bring on the gloves!

Found on Ruffled Blog

Photo by Allison Reisz

Photos by Rebekah Westover and Wedluxe found on Ruffled Blog

Found on Martha Stewart

Photo found on Bride Wedding World


Photo by Love Me Do

msw_rw_casey_louis_2009_263_xlPhoto by Kate Headley Found on Martha Stewart

Photo by W. Scott Chester

Collage made on Polyvore


  • Gloves look so glamorous in these photos – but not sure if I like them. Something just screams old school “prom” to me!

  • Leila – I love this look too. It’s a great way to personalize your bridal look. Not sure if you are a fan of the TV show, Glee, but here is a great photo of character Emma Pillsbury in her wedding dress wearing elbow length satin gloves – very lovely!

  • Ali

    I think the gloves are fab! They just add a classy flair 🙂

  • I like the black gloves! They look so hillarious 🙂

  • I do love the little wrist gloves – lovely, lovely Jackie.

  • ooh. i love them Jeannine. i dont watch Glee but i will start when it comes back in April. Brittany who works with me cant stop talking about it.
    thanks for sending the link. its great!

  • I love retro gloves so much, I have a collection from my grandmother that I’m considering for my upcoming wedding day. This is a lovely selection.

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