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Nov 30, 2010

Inspired by These Jewel Tone Wedding Colors

As the season continues to change, I see the color schemes for weddings change as well. We move from orange, yellow, and sea foam in the summer/fall, to deeper richer colors in the colder months. I love the jewel tone wedding colors that winter brings – the deep emeralds, cobalts, and dusty rose. I like it bold so bring on the Gem and Jewel tones for wedding inspirations this season!

Dresses found on JCrew

emilyneilblog018Photo by Our Labor of Love

Photo by Stephanie Williams

Photo by Yazy Jo

Photo by Candice K Photography

Photo by Natalie Norton Photography

Photo by Cheyenne Schultz

  • Andrea

    I’m a BOLD girl! Love all this inspiration!

  • Jasmine

    I’m loving all these colors!

  • Allie

    perfect colors for this time of year! love it!

  • Macey

    finally decided on bridesmaid dresses thanks to this post!! Leila, you’ve always got the best ideas!!

  • Catherine Branch

    love the hair piece in the last photo. is it DIY?? if not, anyone know where it’s from??

  • Frances C.

    love all these BOLD ideas!!

  • Ashland

    the royal blue accents are my FAVE!

  • Lauren Keller

    when used right, these bold colors are so elegantly beautiful!

  • Heather W.

    the floral arrangements towards the end are ah-MAY-zingg!!

  • Kim Sterret

    loving the floral arrangements as well!!

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