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Feb 28, 2011

Inspired by These Colored Wedding Dresses

I was so inspired last night while watching the Oscars! All the glitzy gowns, the gems, the hair! I loved it all! My favorites of the night were Mandy Moore in Monique Lhuillier, Halle Berry in Marchesa, and Hailee Stienfeld in Marchesa. All of those gowns were gorgeous and could also make a beautiful colored wedding dress! Colored wedding dresses are so much fun! Brides no longer feel the pressure of having to wear a white dress. I’ve seen brides wear a dress in any color you can think of! Don’t get me wrong I love a traditional bride, but there is something so unique and playful about a colorful wedding dress!

Photo by Turner Creative Photography

Photo by Our Labor of Love

Photo by Lang Photographers

Photo by Kim Oanh Nguyen

Photo by Jaime Delaine

Photo by Jagger Photography

Photos by Beautiful Day Photography

Photo by Hang Studio

Photo by Erin Hearts Court

Photo by Caspix Photography


    what a fun and unique idea!

  • Gabrielle Fox

    I do love! I also thought Mila Kunis’s dress would make a lovely wedding gown…

  • jayne weddings

    can a dress be dyed? i have some ladies that want colored dresses but already bought white ones!

  • Edie Layland

    I LOVE white dresses for weddings. I can’t get my brain around the colors. Only white says wedding to me. Maybe I’m more traditional than I thought I was!

  • weddingPR

    These brides wore… pink, blue, yellow?! AMAZING!

  • Jomygoodness

    I think I would sport a black wedding dress… Just because it’s different, but being that black is such a timeless color, it’s kind of classic at the same time. But I love the thought if a pink dress…. Or maybe grey.

  • weddingPR

    Colored wedding dresses are IN! Do you LOVE?!!

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