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Jan 21, 2015

Indoor vs. Outdoor Wedding

To have an indoor or outdoor wedding, that is the question. We looked to Be Inspired Tastemaker planners (aka the professionals) to hear their take, and help us weigh the pros and cons of both sides. Although most people have strong preferences when it comes to the wedding venue, it is still likely to be a topic every bride and groom wrestle with! Weather, tradition, and taste all play a major part in whether you celebrate indoors or out, so read on for a little insight that will hopefully make the decision easier, and catch more tips from the pros here!


Belinda Lui of Bookt Events

As a wedding planner, an indoor wedding provides a setting that’s easy to control. We can create ideal environments, without having to worry about rain or inclement weather. But, in my opinion, nothing can replace the beauty of an outdoor wedding. There’s something so magical about being outside. Unpredictable weather, gorgeous settings and natural lighting have produced some of the most romantic and fun moments – moments that just can’t be duplicated indoors.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Wedding

Photo by  Sylvie Gil Photography


Virginia Edelson of Bluebird Productions

We absolutely love outdoor weddings and much prefer them to inside weddings. As we are based in Aspen, Colorado, we are a bit biased as we live in one of the most beautiful places to have an outdoor wedding! Although there is always the risk of inclement or less than ideal weather, the unknown causes a bit of mystery and a different level of excitement for everyone involved. Should inclement weather occur, there is always an indoor back up plan, but the weather adds a bit of drama and unique memories for the bride, groom and their guests on the day of! Lastly, outdoor ceremonies tend to be more personalized, unique to the couple and less “traditionally formal.”

Indoor vs. Outdoor Wedding

Photo by Laura Murray


Lindsay Longacre of LVL Weddings and Events

Most of our clients come to us with an idea whether they want an indoor or outdoor wedding but it’s our job to explain the pros and cons depending on the many factors, some being more obvious than others. The overall design and feel of their wedding is a large component of this decision. If a client is looking for a blank canvas, custom design and intimate feel we always steer them to outdoor venues because those typically allow for any style since nature is as neutral as you get. On the flip side indoor weddings guarantee the weather won’t put a damper on your special day so if you are a worry wart then indoor is the way to go for sure. In an ideal world, some of our favorite venues were outside but had a natural roofing on top to still create the open/outdoor feel while still being shielded from the elements.


Photo by Sargeant Creative

 Indoor vs. Outdoor Wedding

Photo by Aaron Young Photography


Robin Baab and Sarah Tivel of Gather Events

Here in Southern California, we are spoiled by gorgeous weather year round and a variety of beautiful outdoor settings!  We love a natural ceremony backdrop, dining al fresco and dancing under the stars.  While not without their challenges, we feel that most outdoor settings provide a great amount of flexibility not only in style and design, but also in creating and defining spaces in which to celebrate!

Inspired By Purple Weddings

Photo by B Wright Photography


Becca Atchinson of Rebecca Rose Events

A well-done outdoor wedding is pretty hard to beat. As long as the weather conditions have been properly accounted for, (no bride, groom, or self-respecting guest likes to be drenched in the rain, freezing cold, or hot and sweaty!) I always love an outdoor wedding. As an event designer, I feel less restricted when I don’t have to conform to existing architecture. The sky is – quite literally – the limit! Whether we’re creating an outdoor space with a clear top tent in the middle of a large field, or setting up a small, intimate ceremony area in a clearing in a densely wooded forest, I love being able to incorporate the views, textures, sounds, and scents of nature. Mountains, gardens, meadows, courtyards, patios, lakefronts, and beaches provide some of the most exquisite settings, and all of them provide an abundance of natural light for photography as well (something we never have enough of when we’re inside a venue)!

Indoor vs. Outdoor Wedding

Photo by Perry Vaile Photography


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