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Aug 04, 2016

10 Pieces to Put on Your Registry Now

With so many registry options out there and new and innovative ways to pool everything you want in one place, you no longer have to pick just a couple of stores for your guests to shop from. This takes the pressure off of only registering at department stores and making sure there’s something for every budget. We also think brides and grooms are -and should be!- straying away from the typical registry ‘must haves’ and instead opting for items they WILL use in their new life together. Here are 10 pieces to put on your registry now. This list is made up of some of the classics (hiii toaster & coffee maker) and some things you may have never thought to register for. Read on for why we love them!

10 Pieces to Put on Your Registry Now - Inspired by This

1. Amazon Kindle: Probability has it that you’re heading off on your honeymoon sometime after your wedding so what could be a more perfect present than 2 kindles? One for you and one for your spouse so you’re relaxing vacation won’t be short on books. This is one of our favorite gifts to receive and to give so we’re sure your guests will jump at the opportunity if you put it on your registry.

10 Pieces to Put on Your Registry Now - Inspired by This

2. A Four Slice Toaster: You may think “but there are only two of us” and we say you need it. Whether you’re making two BLTs or your family will soon grow, a four slice toaster is the way to go. We can’t stress enough how much you’ll wish for this if you stick with a simple two-slice! We L-O-V-E this KitchenAid toaster from Target for it’s sleek design and because, well, everything KitchenAid makes is top notch.

10 Pieces to Put on Your Registry Now - Inspired by This

3. Kitchen Tools: You may already have a spatula here and there but it’s always a good idea to start fresh and say out with the old, in with the new! We love this set of T-fal tools because it has all the utensils you’ll need and includes a couple key pieces you may otherwise forget, like a pizza cutter and can opener.

4 & 5. Innovative Gadgets: Speaking of kitchen tools, there are a few seemingly ‘random’ but useful gadgets you should be on the lookout for when registering. Now’s the time to ask for tools like dressing tosseravocado slicer, or other cool Chef’n tools! You’ll be glad you did!

10 Pieces to Put on Your Registry Now - Inspired by This

6. Cookbooks: Cookbooks can be expensive but are definitely something you will want as a newly married couple who hopes to make meals at home. What Katie Ate: on the weekend is one of our favorite cookbooks for its unique (but doable) recipes – and for its cover that will look cute in your kitchen ;).

7 & 8. Entertaining Dishes: Yes, you can do away with putting a full set of expensive china on your registry, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get dishes. Pick something that’s unique to your and your future spouse’s style that you’ll love bringing out when you have guests over. These blue and white dishes & etched wine glasses from The Little Market are not only pretty but handmade in Tunisia and Mexico so you can be confident you’re serving a greater purpose with their purchase as well.

10 Pieces to Put on Your Registry Now - Inspired by This

9. A Coffee Machine: Not just any coffee machine, the Touch coffee brewer. If you’re like us, you’ve fallen into the habit of K-cups for breakfast. And who’s to blame us? They’re quick and painless. The Touch Coffee machine one-ups a Keurig with it’s unique system that heats and runs super fast and gets as much possible flavor and strength out of the K-cup as possible so you’re not sipping on a watered down donut cup of joe. We love the varying cup sizes and ability to make a carafe all in one simple to use machine.

10. Linens: You may not have thought to register for tablecloths or linen napkins but these are items you can’t forget! We recently fell in love with Heather Taylor Home for all of her beautiful textiles – from napkins and runners to pillows and throws, it’s a great collection that matches the modern, beachy, or bohemian bride’s taste. This colorful striped pattern is our favorite!

10 Pieces to Put on Your Registry Now - Inspired by This

We want to hear what you think is the most important to register for – tell us!


  • Christine

    Always need to add a coffee machine!

  • Carrie

    I love my Kindle!

  • Jenny

    i need all of these!

  • Nikki

    4 piece toaster – sooo true!!

  • Allie

    That cookbook is one of my faves!

  • Louisa

    I would have never thought to get a 4-piece toaster but you’re so right!

  • Lily

    great ideas!!

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