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Feb 17, 2011

Inspired by Emerson Made

I want to share one of my favorite sites with you today – Emerson Made! I’m so inspired by their style, their accessories and their blooms. The masterminds behind these gorgeous creations are Emerson and her husband Ryan. I asked Emerson Made about how they got started and what inspires them, and here’s what Ryan had to say:

“In terms of getting started, Emerson initially made some fabric flowers for herself.  People would stop her on the street and ask her where she got them. One thing led to another and not to long there after we had grown enough to hire a staff at our mill in New Hampshire. Since then we have had a growing focus on clothing and accessories. However we do have a new revamped line of flowers coming out shortly. For inspiration, she borrows the best things from everyday life and finds inspiration in all she see’s of nature and city streets. But most of all she focuses on things that bring out and provoke the positive within.”

School Bloom $54

Leather and Brass – Post Belt $98

Doggie Clutch $78

E.M Gold Coin Necklace – $58-$78 each

Ballet Dahlia Set $48

Little Dandy $24.50

Wild Rose Clip $42

Big Dandy $38

Emerson Bouquet $74

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