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Aug 28, 2012

Fun Summer Family Session at Home

It’s always exciting to explore new places with your family, but sometimes spending the day laughing, running through sprinklers in the backyard and enjoying each other’s company at home is in order! During a trip to Canada, Tyler spent a few days with his friend, David, and captured this cute little family! The Guenthers looked like they had a super fun time, both indoors and outdoors, while lounging and playing around!

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…

We love that they turned one of their walls into a chalkboard wall… how cool and kid-friendly!

Lounging around…

“Mommy and Me” time


  • weddingPR

    The cutest home family session by @BranchPhoto is on the blog today!!

  • noisy_butterfly

    RT @weddingPR: The cutest home family session by @BranchPhoto is on the blog today!!

  • Mayfair_Wedding

    RT @weddingPR: The cutest home family session by @BranchPhoto is on the blog today!!

  • chrisgraham27

    RT @weddingPR: The cutest home family session by @BranchPhoto is on the blog today!!

  • Joanne Encarnacion

    Love this Tyler!! Great job friend!

  • Bride Appeal – Web Design & SEO

    I love how casual it is! Sure beats boring portraits 😉

  • Jessica White

    This is adorable! Such cute kids

  • Janell Martin

    Seriously so precious! Love those chalkboard walls too!

  • Theresa Huynh

    Great feel to this photo shoot! Love it.

  • weddingPR : OMG sprinklers + slides!? Takes us down memory lane :)

  • Sarah Rivers

    What a cute fam!

  • Elizabeth Holmes

    quality family time at home… beautiful.

  • Rachel Evans

    So real and natural!

  • Jamie Welsh

    There’s nothing like spending time with your loved ones! It’s all about the simple things :)

  • weddingPR
  • Marcie Lynn Walker

    Simply beautiful. The only thing missing was catching fireflies:)

  • David

    We couldn’t be happier with this set of images. Tyler did exactly what we wanted; he captured our everyday life as a family in our home. And he did it beautifully. These photos are incredibly valuable to us.

  • Megan

    Absolutely priceless family photos to cherish for a lifetime! Beautiful!

  • My Love Wedding Ring

    This is such a beautiful family and a beautiful family home!

  • myloveweddring

    Its fabulous!! So is the rest of the house too… RT @weddingPR The coolest living room chalkboard wall!! –

  • Lo Tink

    I do this with my babies in the Summer !! Bring on Summer I say !!

  • Leanne Carpio

    seems like such a great time! adorable!

  • Hilary Thacker

    Throw on some dishwashing detergent for more ‘extreme’ fun!

  • Simply Peachy

    What a gorgeous photo!

  • christine

    this shoot makes me want to have 3 kids

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