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Mar 08, 2016

13 Pregnancy Essentials for Feeling Beautiful

Pregnancy is one of the most drastic changes we as women will ever experience. Amidst those 40 weeks it’s not always easy to feel like yourself, so indulging in beauty products or finding a maternity outfit you never want to take off are little things that can help you feel beautiful. Hair & Makeup artist Erica, of 1011 Makeup, is expecting her third baby and swears by a few things that do just that. Here are her 13 pregnancy essentials and why she loves them.

13 Essentials for Feeling Beautiful While Pregnant - Inspired by This
Photo by Studio Castillero

I wanted to gather up some of my most loved products that have helped get me through this pregnancy still feeling like myself, feeling comfortable in my own skin, and feeling like I was just the hot part of hot mess. I am so thankful to be pregnant, I am not complaining, but it is a weird and crazy emotional train figuring out how to live in this new form, your body growing in ways you never new or thought possible. So I gathered up some of my most favorite products that I have found to be essential for getting through pregnancy and feeling beautiful.

13 Essentials for Feeling Beautiful While Pregnant - Inspired by This
1. A Pop of Color
You can NOT go wrong with a pop of color on the lips. Even if it is a throw the hair up in a messy bun, hope I remembered to brush my teeth, and are all the kiddos accounted for kind of day. Adding a little color to your lips can seriously make you feel sexy and sassy… just pop on a pair of cute sunnies and you’re ready to take on the day. My favorite is the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils (“Dragon Girl” is such a great red, I also love “Red Square” for a little orange undertone). If you can’t make it to a makeup counter, REVLON BalmStain line is a great alternative.

2. Moisturizing Lip Gloss
I can not hang with dry lips, so I am loving Beauty Counter Lip Gloss in “Peony.” Smoother than a lacquer but long lasting, extremely moisturizing, and not full of chemicals. Plus, it has a slight hint of a vanilla so it feels like a treat.

3. Flowy Maxi Dress
Aside from a few pair of jeans (H&M and Pea in a Pod have great maternity jeans) and a couple tanks and tees to wear under sweaters/shirts, I try to live in non- maternity clothes during my pregnancies. You can pretty much find me in Urban Outfitters or Free People every day. The “First Kiss” Free People dress for example is pretty much the unicorn of all dresses. I now have it in two colors, and would in more if I didn’t think I would be judged by my husband. I have pretty much tried to convince everyone that crosses my path that they need this dress. It is all kinds of flowy and magical. It’s cut in a way that allows for growth, so I’ve been able to wear it throughout my entire pregnancy, and I know I will be able to after as well. The pattern and color options are constantly changing so always be sure and check back to see what’s new or back in stock.

4. The “Show off your bump” LBD
I searched for what felt like forever for a simple “Little Black Dress” (and I used the term little loosely, because well, pregnancy). Everything I was finding was either cut too low in the chest (offensive), slits too high on the legs (offensive) or just not cute (also offensive). I finally resorted to searching on Amazon, and found the most gloriously perfect black dress. The only thing i regret is not finding it sooner, because I find myself looking for excuses to wear this dress anywhere. It fits so nice, and just feels sexy when you put it on. It is also great for showing off your belly!
13 Essentials for Feeling Beautiful While Pregnant - Inspired by This
5. Rose Water
Rose water spray is great for a little boost of hydration and softening of your skin. It is refreshing, and can also be used as a great setting spray for makeup. My favorite lately is the Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Spray made with organic coconut water. The killer design of the bottle also helps 🙂

6. Sea Salt Hair Spray
Whether you’re pregnant with or without additional kiddos, energy is just not happening on some days. For when I just do not have the time to reallllly style my hair, Kevin Murphy’s Resort Spray is magic. This has always been my go to sea salt spray for helping achieve the perfect beach wave style, but now that I’m low on energy and time (every morning?) it is like liquid gold. It doesn’t weigh the hair down or dry it out, and it smells like vacation.

7. Soothing Oil
This is my third pregnancy, and my body has just never experienced pain like this. doTERRA’s Deep Blue Rub has seriously saved my back and my hands. My hands fall asleep during my pregnancies (for months) and it can be really painful, and this lotion and a little light heating pad has worked wonders on helping me to feel human. Always consult your Doctor first.

8. Prenatal Vitamins
I had a really hard time with my prenatal vitamins with my other pregnancies. This time around I am loving the Perfect Prenatal Multi-Vitamin from New Chapter and the Carlson Cod Liver Oil. I have had no problem with an upset tummy and I take them in the morning with or without food and right before bed. I couldn’t commit to the Cod Liver in oil form, even with the lemon flavor, but that is also a great option for not having to swallow as many capsules. I found mine at Mothers Market and Whole Foods. Always consult your Doctor first.

9. Carry-All Tote
Ohhhh Parker Clay, I will own every one of your bags if it is the last thing I do! These bags you guys! They are so beautiful and well made, and backed by such heart as they allow for job opportunities for women in Ethiopia. Their signature Zip Tote is the perfect carry-everything-I-own at once bag, and also will make for the perfect diaper bag once baby is here!

10. Belly Body Butter
Windecker Farms Stretching Belly Body Butter is one of the few body butters that I could find that was made with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter AND Mango Butter, and made with organic ingredients. Specifically, I wanted a butter that had mango in it as it is rich with anti-inflammatory properties and helps with scarring. The Shea butter is full of antioxidants and is great for dry and damaged skin, allowing for instant hydration and moisture, and the cocoa butter helps with skin elasticity and collagen production. I love the smell and texture this butter, it basically melts into the perfect moisturizer.

11. Body Pillow
The Snoogle by Leachco has changed the way I sleep when pregnant. As in, I actually sleep. Unlike other body pillows, the design of the pillow enables it to literally wrap around your entire body: neck, back, belly, feet and head support. It is definitely a lot larger than I thought it was going to be, but my sleep is so much better once I entangle myself and wrap it all around me… My husband just lovvvvvves it. Also, I think it will work great for helping with nursing support later as well.

12. Hydrator
The Hydro flask stainless steel water bottle has been amazing for keeping my water chilled all day long while on the go. All  one million times I fill it. It is so important to stay hydrated for both baby and mamma. I loved that it is larger so it can hold up to 40oz, it is stainless steel, insulated with the ability to keep my beverage cool for up to 24 hours, comes in tons of color options, AND most importantly gives 5 % back to charity.

13. Sparkling Water
La Croix sparkling water, I would marry you. It may be a little ridiculous the amount of sparkling water that I go through on any given day, but I can’t help it. It is refreshing, helps settle my tummy when I am feeling a little off from the pregnancy nausea game, and also if I am being really honest – it makes me feel fancy. Sparkling water with a little bit of fresh berries, mint or basil, in a fancy cup and all of a sudden I feel fancy. I love La Croix because it has great flavor options with nothing added to it.

Stay updated on more of Erica’s favorites on her blog!

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