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Dec 23, 2019

Our Winter Trader Joes Must-Haves

It’s no secret that good ‘ol TJ’s comes out with THE best seasonal items and we wouldn’t be lying if we said we waited all year long for this moment. Not only does Trader Joe’s have the best as far as treats and sips, but they also have the most fresh and affordable decor to *spruce* up your home. Keep scrolling for our most favorite Winter Trader Joes items and let us know if we missed any of your must-haves! It was sure hard to narrow it down 😉

Winter Trader Joes


Winter Trader Joes


Was it just us or did everyone’s parents always have mistletoe hanging all December long? Whether you’re hosting this year’s holiday party and are looking for some fun decor, or want an excuse to smooch that special someone, TJ’s sells it for $2.49. Pucker up!

Winter Trader Joes

Holiday Greens

These holiday greens are perfect for making your own at home DIY arrangements! We love to add some eucalyptus and berries to pull everything together. These are also great on the mantel if you choose to opt-out of doing a full garland! They last forever and smell oh so amazing.

Winter Trader Joes

Gingerbread House Kit

Everything you need to create your own Gingerbread House all in one kit? Genius. All for $7.99? Genius. We had so much fun using these for our annual IBT HQ Christmas Party and they made the perfect spirited decor to keep around for the rest of the season! They’re not just for kiddos after all 😉

Winter Trader Joes

Winter Arrangements

TJ’s really just went there and made the most beautiful winter arrangement and took all the difficulties out of making our own. We love to grab a few and use them as a centerpiece on our holiday tablescape, or quickly grab one as a hostess gift on our way to that ugly sweater party. Either way, they are stunning and we want them all!


Winter Trader Joes

Peppermint Bark

I mean, does this one need any explaining at all?! This is consistently in our carts weekly during the holiday season and we are not complaining. The tin is cute enough to wrap a bow around and call it a gift, or keep out on your counter to enjoy as a nightly treat!

Winter Trader Joes

Almond Nog

We saw this and the first thing we thought was “Alright TJ’s speaking our love language.” A lot of us actually prefer dairy-free options here in the office, so with this Non-Dairy Egg Nog, we get to have our cake and eat it too! PS add this to your morning cup of coffee for a special treat. Or spike it to go see the holiday lights if you want to get real fancy.

Winter Trader Joes

Cookie Mix

Can you say the perfect neighbor or hostess gift?! Everything you need to bake the perfect homemade cookies is all in this one jar, just add butter and an egg and you’re set! Plus, any cookie mix that has peanut butter of any kind in it is a win in our book.

Winter Trader Joes

Chocolate Stars

These are on our list for many good reasons. Both flavors are delicious, they can really amp up your Gingerbread House making game, and look adorable in a dish in the office or on your kitchen counter. They’re quite addicting, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Winter Trader Joes

Gluten-Free Candy Cane Joe – Joe’s

We’ve all had the regular Joe – Joe’s by now right? These take it to the next level with real candy cane bits sandwiched in the middle for the perfect holiday twist. And, they’re gluten-free which is a perk for a lot of us!

Breakfast Items

Winter Trader Joes

Egg Nog Flavored Greek Yogurt

Okay, what?! Amazing. Our favorite way to use this and “holiday-ify” our morning breakfast is to mix this with our chia pudding. It has the perfect amount of flavor and is packed with protein. This is a  winter trader joes must-have!

Winter Trader Joes

Cocoa Peppermint Almond Creamer

If we’re being honest, this one might win them all. We were a little hesitant because we’re not huge “mocha” fans as we don’t like our coffee orders toooo too sweet, but this was the perfect balance. Plus, it froths amazing in our Nespresso frother which, of course, is a must.

Winter Trader Joes

Festively Flavored Coffee Cups

And we couldn’t end our list without these. These 5 festive flavors couldn’t be any more on point and the smell while brewing your AM coffee is almost reason enough to add these to your cart.

Did we miss any of the winter trader joes must-haves? Let us know! Also if you’re looking to kick things into high gear in the New Year, check out our Grocery List From Trader Joes written by a Nutritionist!

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