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Dec 21, 2016

How to Develop Your Wine Palate

This post brought to you by WINC. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Inspired By This.

Picking out wines in the grocery store aisle is like pulling a card from it’s deck. You never quite know what you’re getting. We enjoy a bit of trial and error but wish we knew a little bit more about the wine we are picking – and in the end what we like. It’s safe to say we’re still testing the waters, so we thought we would preach on our own folly and talk about how to develop your wine palate!

Honestly, the best way to develop or train your palate is by trying different kinds of wine. Interested yet? So, when we recently heard of WINC, we had to give it a shot! Joining a wine club before sounded a bit stuffy and expensive. But WINC is the millennial’s version and it’s SO. MUCH. BETTER. We were immediately drawn to their cute bottles (naturally) and the ease of the process. Wine delivered straight to our door? Yes, please.

For us, joining a typical wine membership was out of the question. We want to be able to try different types of wine all the time, not just the same vineyard’s new crop. WINC not only has a wide selection – try hundreds of bottles – but also gives you a quiz when you sign up so that the bottles you get are tailored to your palate. There’s that word again. So, how do you develop your palate, or in layman’s terms, figure out what you like.

Thankfully, WINC does the hard work for you. They use their quiz to derive your tastes in food & drink and somehow pick out wines that will make your personal tastebuds sing. It’s like magic! Then, when the wine arrives on your doorstep (no more late night store runs) it’s your job to do the testing and pick your faves. Truthfully, you will probably love them all.


Our box came with four bottles and an optimal selection of wines – Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Sparkling Chenin Blanc. Something for everyone to enjoy. Did we already mention the cute labels?!

The best (besides the wine) and most educational part of this whole process is that your wine arrives with a curated ‘Wine Journal’. This journal details everything about each wine, from where it’s from to what its tasting notes are. Here’s where you will figure out what about the wine you love! Plus, it offers pairing suggestions and even recipes to help you match your food and drink perfectly.We usually don’t make it too the cooking part without opening a bottle, but then love to appreciate the beautiful combination!


We’re always in the mood for a little bit of bubbly, so we decided to pop open – quite literally – the bottle of Finke’s Widow sparking wine. Just a heads up, your wine has traveled from afar to your doorstep, so it may be a little shaken up! We learned Finke’s Widow pairs best with aged meats and cheeses so we will definitely be serving this up with appetizers! Who wouldn’t want to be welcomed into a dinner party with a glass of this and charcuterie?

For us, enjoying wine is an experience in and of itself. We love to entertain, so having wine on hand is always a necessity. Whether we are hosting a game night, cooking dinner with friends, or watching This is Us after a day at work, wine is something that always adds to the evening. With WINC we are able to have these experiences more spontaneously and never lack something to offer guests.

You guys are in luck, because you can experience the joy that is WINC with our promo code! Use ‘inspiredbythis’ to receive $25 off your order. You’re welcome 🙂

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