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Jun 08, 2018

Our Fave Rosé Wines to Enjoy This Summer

If one word could bring us as much delight as “rosé” we haven’t found it yet! With the onset of summer, the pink drink is our favorite to sip (or dip popsicles in)… and not just for the color. We’re always on the hunt for a bright an delicious glass of it. And you can bet, we’ve tried our fair share of styles and brands! So, we thought we’d share them all in one place, and round up the tastiest rose wines to enjoy this summer! You’re welcome.

Rose Wines to Enjoy This Summer
Photo by Jordan Galindo

Bev – Canned Rosé? Si vous plait! We’re very much in love with the concept and the flavor behind Bev, and their branding is so on point. Plus, you can order packs of 6, 12, or 24 to make sure all your gals have a drink!

Boya Rosé 2018 Boya Rosé is as refreshing as the Chilean vineyard it hails from that overlooks the Pacific ocean! With notes of raspberry, tangerine, and a mineral finish, you’ll be asking for más!

Summer Water
This wine was purposefully made for summer – need we say more?! If you haven’t tried it yet, we promise it’s more than just a pretty bottle. Crisp and refreshing, just like a dip in the pool.

Zolo Signature Rosé 2018
This blend of 60% Syrah, 35% Bonarda, and 5% Cabernet Franc give it notes of cherry, plum, and rosewater and we’re drooling at just the thought of it! Also, we’re suckers for that pink striped label!

Babe Rosé with BubblesAnother canned favorite? you bet! You can pick this bubbly one up at Bevmo and take it with you wherever with ease.

ReginatoMore bubbles please! This sparkling Rosé of Malbec as delicious as it is pretty. For a medium bodied and slightly fancy sipper, grab a glass of this one!

Bodini – Another South American winner, this rosé from Mendoza, Argentina is bright and clean and boasts aromas of cherry and strawberry. Yum!

La Vieille Ferme Rosé – 
If you’re looking for a delicious dry finish, this will suit your taste well with its perfect balance of sweetness & acidity. It’s pale pink color doesn’t hurt either.

Photo by Reality and Retrospect

P.S. Tomorrow is #NationalRoséDay, if you haven’t heard! What are your favorite summertime wines?

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