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Sep 11, 2014

DIY Quote Pillow

Ready for some DIY? We’re making a quote pillow for your home on our lifestyle blog today! Pick a quote, any quote (we’re quite fond of this one), and you can personalize a pillow that we promise will bring you a little joy every time you see it! With just a few necessary supplies, this DIY quote pillow was no fuss and one of our most rewarding creations – we love home DIY projects a lot. And the best part? It only cost us about $15 total!! We’ll probably make it over and over again because you can never have too many pillows!

What You Need:

Linen Pillow Case & Pillow
Letter Stencils
Sharpie or Fabric Marker

DIY Quote Pillow - Lifestyle Blog DIY Quote Pillow - Lifestyle Blog


Line up the words how you want them to fit on the pillow. Place the letters of each word a 1/4 inch apart. By measuring the length of the word and the width of the pillow case, you can align the word in the center of the pillow case and tape down the stencils.You will want to measure your rows as well across the height of the pillow case so they are evenly spaced and mark with pencil where the stencils should go.

DIY Quote Pillow - Lifestyle Blog DIY Quote Pillow - Lifestyle Blog


Fill in the stencils with a Sharpie marker

DIY Quote Pillow - Lifestyle Blog DIY Quote Pillow - Lifestyle Blog


Erase any visible pencil marks

DIY Quote Pillow - Lifestyle Blog


Stuff your pillow and plop it on your favorite chair!

DIY Quote Pillow - Lifestyle Blog DIY Quote Pillow - Lifestyle Blog

You can also create this with a welcome message for the guest room, a favorite Bible verse or quote, or a stenciled design for any bedroom or sitting area in your home or office!

Check out how to create this DIY on Momtastic as well!  If you’re not the DIY type, here are a couple of our faves that you can buy already made!

CasaAndCo “”But Seriously”” Linen Quote Pillow

Follow Your Heart Cotton/Linen Decorative Pillow Cover

Levtex ‘I Love You’ Pillow Cream One Size

 Pop Abstract Loving You Decorative Pillow Cover

 You Are My Sun Cotton/Linen Decorative Pillow Cover



  • Georgia

    Ok seriously such a good idea! I’ve always thought these looked easy to make but now I know for sure! Trying one this weekend :) Now to pick a quote…

    • Inspired by This Blog

      They really are easy! And you can’t really go wrong 😉

  • Jani

    This is so cute! I’m always on the hunt for pillows so why not customize one!

    • Inspired by This Blog


  • Meagan

    Adding this to my DIY to-do list!!

    • Inspired by This Blog

      let us know how it goes!

  • Kayla

    SOOO Cute!! I need to make these for my apartment! :)

    • Inspired by This Blog

      Definitely! They’re super easy!

  • Ashley Rose Anyankor

    I love this!!

    • Inspired by This Blog


  • Camille

    Where do you find a great pillow and pillow case?

    • Inspired by This Blog

      We got the insert at Ikea and the pillow case on Amazon! :) Happy hunting!

  • Sam

    What happens if you try to wash it? Will the marker hold up?

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