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Aug 29, 2017

A Cool & Contemporary Home from ASD Interiors

  • Name: Shirry Dolgin
  • Company: ASD Interiors
  • Title: Owner, Designer
  • City: Los Angeles, California

Our homes are often where we seek to find the most inspiration and there are so many design styles out there, so we love getting to pick the brains of interior designers. Today, on our lifestyle blog, we get to tour this cool and contemporary home from ASD Interiors. Designer, Shirry Dolgin is showing off the space and giving us a peek into her style and daily life as a designer in Los Angeles.

Tell us a little bit about how you started in Interior Design. Was becoming a designer always a dream of yours?
I decided to go to school for interior design after a long career in the Performing Arts. I knew that I wanted to do something creative but I didn’t want to learn how to play an instrument or be a fashion designer. I found the world of interior design and it was a perfect fit for me. The funny thing is that when I look back at my childhood I remember redecorating my room as well as my friend’s room all the time! It was something that I loved and that was in my nature. After finishing school and getting my degree I worked for several interior design companies before opening ASD Interiors.

Your projects all seem so unique and different from one another! Do you have a style you gravitate towards?
Yes – when I grew my company I made a special effort to have a wide range of different styles so that I could appeal to different clients. However the fundamentals are always the same. I tend to gravitate towards a more contemporary look but I also love very colorful and playful faces.

Give us a little insight into your design process – where does it all start?
The first thing we do in the process is listen to our clients. I take my cue from them. Then, I dive into looking at color palettes, space planning and lighting simultaneously.

What does a typical day ‘at the office’ look like for you?

There isn’t a typical day! That’s all the fun. There are days that I am jumping from one job site to another or from a client meeting to brainstorming with my team for a new project. Days are very different and always keep me on my toes!

Do you have a favorite project?

I don’t have a favorite project but I have favorite parts of projects and I absolutely have favorite clients. I think it’s the clients that make me love a project or feel disconnected to a project. At the end of the day it’s all about communication.

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Coffee Order:  

Soy vanilla latte

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Gwen Stefani

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Bowl of Candy

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Gracias Madre
  • Dorota

    Very chic!

  • Jackie

    Love the bathroom design!

  • Nat

    I’m obsessed with this house!

  • Hanna

    That marble shower is so amazing!

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