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Jun 30, 2009

PR Tips 101: To Blog or Not to Blog

I would like to have a little chat about whether or not you should have one. So I realize I may be swimming in dangerous waters here but in today’s tip, we tackle the blog…duh duh Duh! The big question I would like to pose in true Shakespearean style is: To blog or not to Blog? Since I reserve the right to ask a question and then immediately answer it, I’ll go right ahead. The answer is if its going to be a great blog that completely reflects your style and position in the market it can be a helpful tool, but on the other hand if you will are doing a mediocre version, it can be a great detriment to your business. If you are shaking in your boots wondering where your blog falls I will give you a few simple tests to apply to your blog and asses how much it is hurting or helping you.

1. Are you using your blog in lieu as a website? I hope you are shaking your head no over there! (unless you are a photographer and have opted for a blog-site)
2. Do you think it is enticing more business or driving people away?
3. Are you blogging only sporadically with days, weeks or months in between posts?

If your answer was yes to any of the above, you need to quickly make some changes so as to not turn away potential clients. Unless you are a blogger by trade, there is no excuse for you to only have a blog. Having a good looking website will instantly give you more credibility, which increases your perceived value. If you are only blogging occasionally bride’s may not trust you as much as someone who is blogging everyday, but what’s the big deal you may ask? Sharing their new insights, event photos or just showing they are alive, well and still working makes a bride or reader feel like they (the blogger/vendor) isn’t going anywhere.  So if you are going to have a blog make sure it adheres to the above standards, or else it could just be a time consuming mistake.

Photo by Stephanie Williams

xo, Leila, WeddingPR

  • Thanks for the great post and beautiful examples. I struggle with the blog question and you addressed a lot of my concerns.

  • I’m so glad i cleared some things up for you Deborah… its definitely an issue i think many of us out there struggle with.

  • Great advice!!!

  • Thank you for your great posts and advice!

  • Thank you very much for that splendid article

  • Keisha


    This is a great post. I started blogging and realized that a blog alone will not increase my clientele. In addition, I don’t want to rely on the blog alone. I am ready for a company website…. pictures and all. Lately, I have searched the worldwide web looking for website templates and design services. Because my business is very small, I want to start out with a simple yet professional website. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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