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Feb 20, 2018

Lauren Taylor, Founder of The Letter

  • Name: Lauren Taylor
  • Company: The Letter
  • Title: Founder
  • City: Orlando, Florida

Inspiration is our M.O. over here, so you could say we’re kindred spirits with today’s girl boss guest. Lauren Taylor is founder of The Letter, a magazine set on inspiring every woman. See the connection? We couldn’t be more fond of the young entrepreneur, who makes it her mission to share real women’s stories and love letters, and boy, has she tapped into something special. Each issue, or totally beautiful book, features women who are following their dreams, in addition to home and entertaining inspiration. We were thrilled to chat with Lauren about how this creative endeavor came to be. Read on for more on The Letter and Lauren’s own story…

Tell us a little bit about you! Where did you start your career?

I am the Founder of The Letter, an annual book inspiring every woman to follow her dreams, content creator, brand ambassador and pizza enthusiast. From partnering with women empowering brands, modeling, writing, and filming for my YouTube channel, I love encouraging young women to be confident and joyful. You can always find me happy dancing and obsessing over florals. I’m most productive early in the morning after an episode of Stranger Things. I’ve got a crush on all of the places I’ve called home but the sounds of the Florida Coast: palm trees rustling, waves crashing, and bike bells ringing: gets me every single time! I started my career in my hometown Fredericksburg, Virginia sitting in my childhood bedroom with unicorn wallpaper and fuzzy pillows.

Was publishing a magazine always a dream of yours? Why did you launch The Letter?

When I was fifteen years old I decided I was going to start a magazine ‘one day’ but one day came and went. I found myself feeling unfulfilled in a corporate job, had just moved back to my childhood home, exited a long-term relationship… basically, everything was changing- and changing quickly. And then I thought of The Letter – and within a few weeks, it was launched. 

This book is magic – built on sharing and giving stories, creating a genuine connection, and cultivating an uplifting, empowering community. Women from around the world have lent their hopes, thoughts, words, and ideas to these pages. This is love letters, inspiration and soul-food celebrating the real, raw, and authentic conversations we can’t help but fall in love with. 

My mission is to inspire young women to be bold, dream big, and go for it so they can use their voice to change the world. The Letter book is just the start to cheer for the fearlessly brave, uplift the princess-warriors, and encourage every woman to live her best life. 

The Letter is beautiful! How did you decide on an aesthetic?

Thank you so much, you are making my heart jump for joy! From many trial and errors I self-taught everything from aesthetics, color, and design. I focused on how I wanted the book to make others feel which was invited, joyful, inspired, and beautiful. 

Every now and again it hits me how unbelievably lucky I am to have this platform to keep it real and authentic. My team pulled the reins as photographers, editors, writers, cheerleaders, and so much more! I couldn’t be more grateful. The Letter is flexing stronger muscles thanks to them. 

Where do you find inspiration?

I hands-down believe that every experience got me where I am and keeps me inspired. Even the jobs I hated. Even the times things looked awful. For years, I was desperate for my purpose and knowing what I wanted to do — but the hard days spent we’re the very ones that shaped this life I’m living now. Also, on the inspo list – Oprah, Ellen, and Pinterest – of course!

We love the concept of a ‘love letter.’ What do you hope readers walk away with?

We fall in love with our ‘love letter’s too! The nostalgia of finding a real handwritten letter in your mailbox may just be what you need. Handwritten mail isn’t a thing of the past, well, at least that’s not the case with us. We want our readers’ hearts to be encouraged in whatever endeavor they are pursuing, and we believe that sometimes all we need are words of inspiration penned on paper, signed with sincerity and sealed with love. We want to create a movement on a pen-pal platform that will allow you to send or receive an encouraging love letter. 

Do you have a favorite feature ever?

How can a girl choose?! No Words: our guests totally over-deliver and we are obsessively grateful to be able to share these real and captivating voices and stories. I jump out of bed every morning excited to celebrate one more woman and her beautiful journey. Every guest and reader have shared how brave, important, sparkling, and wonderful we all are, even if we don’t feel it. We never know who we could inspire but my favorite is knowing it’s possible.

You’re about to issue book 4 – congrats! Can you hint to anything we can expect?!

Thank you so much, we are happy dancing and throwing confetti as pre-orders for our next book are now available on our website! Even though we are still gushing over The Fall-Winter Book, we’ve got more advice, stories, recipes, and home inspiration to come in The Letter Book-Four. A little sneak peek just for you, we are flying to Charleston, SC for our Book Four Cover-Shoot. As a traveler fanatic, this is a bucket list dream come true!

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If you could live anywhere in the world:  

Ireland or wherever I have full access to pizza.

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Spotify – I’m still not over The Greatest Showman soundtrack.

Beauty Secret::  

Knowing that beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

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A great sense of humor.

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