6 Workout Classes To Try this Fall

Between the pumpkin spice ice cream, lattes, and cookies we are well aware that this season is one full of sugar. Which means one thing, we have to be intentional about making sure to get our workouts in. So our team tested out some popular studios and rounded them up in this list of 6 workout classes to try this Fall.

1. Precision Running at Equinox

Precision Running is one of Equinox’s most popular group classes, and for good reason! It’s the only fully treadmill-based 50-minute workout we’ve been to, and it’s a great way to burn a ton of calories in a short period of time. Speeds are based on your personal PR time and most of the class is interval-based, so it’s beginner-friendly, too! Attending regular classes can increase your endurance and cardio abilities, so it’s perfect for seasoned runners looking to better their race times, too.

Photo by @marinapiagoldi

2. Flywheel Sports

When taking a workout class, we’re all about the experience and Flywheel certainly gives you one that sticks with you even when the class is over. What separates Flywheel from other cycling studios is the chance to participate in the “Torqboard” where you can accumulate a score and see your rank against the rest of the class at the front of the stadium. These scores can then be tracked on your account, along with other stats to keep you motivated! Once the lights are off, this music is blaring and your shoes are clicked into the bike, the energy fueled by you, the instructor and everyone else in the room is unmatched! This 45-minute indoor cycling studio teaches you that you are your own competition, and the only way to improve is to “Never Coast”.

Photo by @hanroseb

3. 9Round Kickboxing

If you have a busy schedule or work odd hours, 9round is the perfect workout for you! It’s circuit-based, meaning a new round starts every 3 minutes. There are no structured class times – just stop by whenever you have time and you can jump in any time! The workout is made up of 9 3-minute rounds, and the workout ends up being 30 minutes, so it’s the perfect quick sweat sesh to get in right after or before work, or even on your lunch break. But be warned – you WILL sweat. It’s a combination of kickboxing and cardio, so each move is designed to get your heart pumping in just 3 minutes. Don’t worry about the moves being difficult, because the trainers will guide you through each round and work with you to show you how to complete each circuit. The best part? It goes by so quickly! If it sounds tough, just remember, you can do anything for 3 minutes! We love 9round for a quick, trainer-guided workout for anyone looking to easily incorporate a regular workout into their busy schedule.

Image by @mags.helbin

4. The Studio (MDR)

Don’t let the upbeat music and pink and white decor fool you…this studio means business. We’ve seen some of our favorite LA influencers rave about The Studio (MDR) and we decided to take a leap a faith and hop on their mega-former for a total body workout at this chic pilates-inspired, Lagree method studio. After one class, let’s just say..we felt sore in places we didn’t know we had access to. Not only was the energy in the room uplifting throughout all 50 minutes, but it taught us that every second we have doing every movement, matters. Apart from their mantra “Look it, Feel it, Live it”, another one to stand by when taking this class is “Feel the shake”, because if you aren’t shaking while holding these moves, then it ain’t working! This class that taught us to be mindful of our bodies and our form in an out of a workout!

Photo by @thestudiomdr

5. The Playground Experience (PGX) at Equinox

PGX classes are limited to Equinox locations with a rooftop setup, but this class is seriously so much fun! Members are split into teams and rotate between cardio and strength stations. Most stations are partner-based, so it’s a fun class to take with a friend or S.O. Expect to break a sweat – This class is not for the faint of heart! You’ll feel challenged the whole time, and leave feeling great about the effort you left on the turf.

Image by @equinox

6. Red Room at Barry’s Bootcamp

If you’re anything like us, you hear “Barry’s Bootcamp” (or anything with the word “bootcamp” in it for that matter) and get slightly terrified. We’re here to tell you this class was anything but terrifying. Booking your classes online, or on the app, is a super seamless process, allowing you to choose exactly where you feel most comfortable in the Red Room. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted by the super warm and friendly staff that are there to answer any questions you have. From there, you move into the Red Room. PS: that red lighting makes anyone look bomb, so go ahead, take a selfie! Barry’s offers five different classes each week paying particular attention to specific body parts and focuses on high-intensity interval training, moving you from sequences on the treadmill to exercises on the floor. Yes, you will be pushed out of your comfort zone, but you will also leave feeling on the top of the world. Did we mention you can order your smoothie on the app before class and it will be ready for you when you’re done? Next level greatness.

Image by @barrysbootcamp

Ready to get moving?! Yeah, we thought so too. We want to know workout classes you decided to try, let us know below!

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