The 10 Best Black Leggings For Working Out

If there’s one thing every girl needs in her closet, it’s a great pair of black leggings (or 4). Finding the best black leggings can be a struggle, but we’re here to help! We pooled all of our editors’ opinions, and we’re here to officially share the 10 best black leggings for working out. We’ve got every price range and every style covered, so go on – Get shopping!

.01 – Lululemon In Movement Leggings

“One of my favorite Lululemon styles. These are SO soft, have a super flattering high waist, and are the perfect length. I have them in 2 colors!”

.02 – Sweaty Betty Power Leggings

“If you haven’t tried these leggings from Sweaty Betty, it’s time! They’re the best material – Super soft and breathable, but still feel secure when you’re working out. Plus, they have a side pocket to hold your phone, keys, etc. when you’re out on a run!

.03 – 2XU Compression Leggings

“These compression leggings are great for running and high-intensity training. These hold you in and stay put no matter what – A must when you’re doing long runs or lots of plyometric moves! I’ve worn these for all 3 of my half marathons and I love them!”

.04 – Spanx Booty Boost Active Leggings

“There is nothing I dislike more than having to worry about wearing a long shirt over my leggings because said leggings end up making my crotch look a little strange. I can wear all crops with Spanx leggings, because I never have that problem! They also are panty line proof which is another huge pet peeve, so these are a dream come true!”

.05 – Outdoor Voices

“These leggings are the best because not only do they do great whether I’m on a run or running errands but primarily that they are still going strong after they have been tossed into the dryer several times by well-meaning but inattentive men doing laundry.”

.06 – Amazon Find

“Nowadays you basically need a thousand pairs of black leggings because they end up (in my experience) always worn, but a pain to wash. If you ball out on every pair you buy, you’re going to end up breaking the bank. Thankfully, these wonderful leggings exist. Most products with 911 reviews on Amazon have 4.5 stars, and my friend claims they’re better than Lulu, so I’m pretty hopeful! And it even has pockets!”

.07 – Aerie Move Leggings

“Another wallet-friendly pair that’s giving Lululemon a run for their money! These are super high waisted and hold you in in all the right places. Give these a try next time they’re on sale – They’re worth it!”

.08 – Lululemon Wunder Unders

“The OG of black leggings. If you don’t have a pair of these, we salute you for standing up to the mainstream! They’re so universal for a reason – They’re ultra-flattering, great for all types of working out, and just plain comfy. Plus, they come in a ton of colors and prints if you want to break out of the black!”

.09 – Fabletics PowerHold

“A fellow editor introduced me to these! These leggings are worth signing up for Fabletics for. They’re a little thicker than some of the other pairs on this list, but super soft and great for chilly outdoor workouts. I have black and red pairs, and I wear them almost every week to the gym!”

.10 – Gymshark Vital Seamless

“Okay, I have a confession. I don’t have these in black – Yet. I have the light blue color, and I love them! These black workout leggings are next on my list. They’re great for super sweaty workouts and the seamles style is oh so flattering. The best part? They’re only $50!”

Well, there you go! Our official list of the best black leggings for working out. Let us know which styles are your favorite, and then hit the gym with our editor’s easy to follow gym plan!


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