Why Self-Care Goals Matter

Self-care is a hot topic at the moment, and we are willing to bet you have wondered why any of this even matters. And by this, we mean self care goals. Well, we are here to confirm that self-care goals matter a whole lot more than you may think. That’s why we enlisted the help from some of our wellness experts. Today on the blog, these wellness experts weighed in on why self-care goals matter!

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Why is making self-care goals an important task? 

“Putting pen to paper and articulating your self-care goals is vital to living a life of intention. If we don’t know where we’re going, as they say, we’ll never get there. Making goals for self-care honors our minds, bodies, and spirits. And when we show ourselves this kind of love, happiness and well-being naturally increase.” – Emily Tuttle, Founder of Pause + Purpose 

“Self-care goals keep you growing in life. Growth is important as we all change and interact with different people and situations throughout life. It is important to constantly assess and evaluate how we are feeling and how we can adjust to maintain our optimal level of happiness. Self-care goals keep you feeling fulfilled and happy, whether you realize it or not. Having something to work towards is an important mental distraction.” – Dr. Cassie Majestic, MD, Emergency Medicine Physician and Blogger at DrMajestic.com 

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“Self-Care is an essential part of healthy living and the benefits of tapping into your unique brand of this are endless. Here’s a short list of reasons why you need to take yourself off of the back burner: Self-Care Goals are like personal markers or reminders of how much you value yourself. Valuing yourself is a necessary and important first step to infusing a sense of purpose and satisfaction into life. How you do this one thing — see, hear, and respect yourself — will dictate how you do absolutely everything else.   Setting and following through with your goals teaches you how to find personal AND interpersonal balance. There is a fine line of course between self-care and selfishness, but you will always know the difference based on the quality of your relationships.

If you feel there is a disharmony in your external world, do not look outside of yourself to try to fix it. If you feel any kind of lack, think about how you can fill that need for yourself with solo activities, hobbies, or introspective practices. Your health and happiness will never be dependent on another person but how you take care of yourself will be reflected in how you feel about everything and everyone around you.  Without our health, we have nothing. When you feel your physical health waning or being drained in any way, stop doing for a moment. Come back to yourself and your self-care goals. Let yourself be for a moment. Are you being consistent with your needs? Are you putting your health and wellbeing first and foremost? Keep asking questions until you land on the answers. Only you can know what you genuinely need to feel most aligned with your best self. “Paula Pavlova, Wellness Entrepreneur, Founder of Pavlova Wellness 

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What are 2-3 self-care goals you recommend for 2021? Why are they effective? 

“The most vital self-care goals are the most obvious. We all indeed need to be getting enough sleep and H2O or all of our other efforts will be for naught. But I would also add that commiting to doing more daily activities mindfully is a worthy goal for 2021. Mindful eating, emotional processing, breathing, walking–there is so much we can improve with a little present-awareness–and the positive implications that can have on ourselves and others is endless.”  – Emily Tuttle, Founder of Pause + Purpose 

“Turn inward and ask yourself what you really want out of life. With so many external influences, it is easy to be distracted and want what others have. The sooner you realize what it is that makes YOU feel good and fulfilled, the quicker you can get after it! Finding what fulfills you in life (whether it is career, personal goals, mental health, etc) will keep you happy and less likely to focus on the negative.

Prioritize your health. We are coming out of a year where many had limited access to their healthcare providers. It’s time to pick back up where you left off. During the pandemic many people have increased alcohol consumption and decreased physical activity. There have been dietary changes, limitations to medications, and increased stress. All of these factors can contribute to increased risk for cardiovascular disease and other health problems, over time.” – – Dr. Cassie Majestic, MD, Emergency Medicine Physician and Blogger at DrMajestic.com 

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“First, when you’re setting your goals, start by thinking about the thoughts, words, and actions that make you feel most vital and alive on a physical, emotional, and mental level. From there, you will know exactly what you need to create a formula for personal harmony. Here are some suggestions: 

Commit to language that is grateful, honest, and compassionate. Then, hold yourself accountable BY forgiving yourself when you fail. No one is perfect 100% of the time and the best we can do is continue to commit to our goals no matter how many times we we stumble along the way. Here’s an example: when talking about an obligation that is actually a privilege, reframe the way you might typically describe it; i.e. “I have to pick my kids up from school” turns into “I GET to pick my kids up from school.

Set up a daily morning routine that allows you to just be for at least 30 minutes before you do anything at all. You can use this time to meditate, write (journal), make a list of “feel good” goals for the day (not to-dos), quietly read a book, or sip on a coffee/tea while looking out into nature. Find something that anchors you in the presence of being so that when it comes time for doing, you do so intentionally rather than frantically. 

Make sleep a priority! More and more research is proving what our bodies have known since the dawn of time — sleep is our best friend. Sleep is when you produce your most essential and most valuable brain fuel that drives your mental, physical, and emotional health. Hello, happy hormones! So the best goal you can set for yourself is to be an responsible adult, set yourself up with a regular bed time, and then reap all the benefits of your investments!”Paula Pavlova, Wellness Entrepreneur, Founder of Pavlova Wellness  

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