How to Support Yourself & Others while Social Distancing

Who would have thought that social distancing would be the buzz word of 2020?! We definitely did not. As our realities are rapidly changing and evolving there seems to be a dark cloud of confusion weighing over us. With news reports telling us to stay indoors, and deadlines that still need to be met at work it is understandable that every single person feels the extra weight of this time trickle into every aspect of their lives. So our team put our heads together (virtually, don’t worry) and brainstormed the best way to support ourselves and the people around us while social distancing.

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Stay Active – Quarantine is no excuse for being a couch potato (well not all the time at least!) There are so many ways to stay active and remain socially distant/ in isolation. You can go runs, walks or hikes in areas that aren’t crowded. So many fitness companies have released workout content that can be done with no equipment in the comfort of your own home! If you’re looking for some options check out this list of 16 different options.

Stay Focused and Refocus – Don’t allow yourself to get distracted when working from home, set boundaries, lunchtimes, and a schedule and stick to it, etc. Use this extra time to make a mood board to keep you feeling inspired and motivated for the rest of the year (plus it helps you feel happier and more positive during such an uncertain time!)

Stay Healthy – Okay, we officially have no excuses to eat out. While this might be a tad more work, it is a great opportunity to eat healthier! Make sure to include immune-boosting foods like citrus and ginger in your cooking and while it may be hard to find pantry staples, like anywhere, fresh produce is less likely to have been wiped out of your local markets. Use that to your advantage by fueling yourself with fresh fruits and veggies! This is also a great time to remember to take your multivitamins and that extra vitamin C tablet!

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Stay Normal – Now we aren’t saying that you aren’t normal (or that you are normal, if you prefer to not be), but rather that you should try and keep your days as routine as possible. Still wake up at a regular hour, try and keep your routine as normal as possible. Schedule breaks in your day and stick to them, even when it feels hard! Once it’s quittin’ time, make sure to get off those devices and take some time to unwind! The more normal your day is, the less thrown off you will feel.

Stay Aware – It’s incredibly important to stay informed as times progress and conditions are changing. Rules and laws are changing rapidly to combat this virus, so it’s important that the news you’re receiving is up to date and accurate. That is not fake news. So many people can put their opinions online (which is fine), but some try to pass them off as fact (which is not fine). Listening to the wrong sources can leave you underprepared or paranoid. Make sure to get all your information for reputable sources like the CDC, WHO and government officials.

Stay Busy at Home – “I just don’t have the time for that!” We know you’ve said that phrase before. Well, the good news is that now you do! Do all the tasks that you’ve been neglecting. Clean your makeup brushes! Organize your pantry! Do your taxes! When you need a break from all that, find ways to entertain yourself. Read. Watch television and comforting movies. Listen to podcasts. Paint your nails. Learn a new craft! The main goal is to eliminate as much idle time as possible.

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Show UP (virtually) – Thanks to technology, we can still communicate pretty efficiently despite not being physically with one another, and you can’t spread germs via FaceTime. Call your grandparents. Text an old friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with. There are even tools where you and your friends can watch movies at the same time from afar. Everyone loves virtual reality, so why not virtual sociality as well?

Offer to Help – Go to the store or pharmacy for your older relatives. Put out messages via local networking sites like Nextdoor or Facebook offering help to those who need it. If you have a plethora of doomsday supplies, try to share the love. Everyone may not be faring in all of this as well as you are, so please do your part.

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Remain Calm – Panicking is a pandemic in itself. Worrying and stress only compromises your immune system, along with helping absolutely nothing. Just know that you are doing all that you can, are following the guidelines set up by health authorities and that this will all pass. Nothing lasts forever, not even pandemics.

Think Beyond Yourself – This virus is affecting everyone, so act like it. Don’t buy up all the essentials at the store so no one else can get their hands on it. Respect the grocery store’s early hours for the elderly and immune-compromised. Reach out with genuine intentions to help one another. Now is not the time to be selfish, but to depend and lean upon one another.

Support Your favorite Small Businesses – Many businesses are taking financial impacts by this. By closing their doors or adjusting their policies to keep others safe, they are losing important income. Make sure to do your best to support them by shopping online, buying gift cards, getting food and drinks for pickup, or even just leaving good reviews online for them. You can help so much by doing so little. Besides, we’ll take any excuse for online shopping!

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