Our Favorite Products to Maximize that Summer Glow

It feels like we have been waiting for the 2021 summer for way too long. With the world opening up again, and activities starting to return to normal we are feeling extra ready to get our summer glow back. And for that matter, we are wishing our summer glow was better than ever. So, if you are anything like us, and you are ready to get your summer glow going then read on to view some of our favorite products.

.01 – Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40

This is a tinted mineral SPF 40 serum and it’s literally the only face coverage product i’ve been using with my moisturizer & concealer – super lightweight but gives a really pretty glowy coverage. if you like tinted moisturizer for how lightweight it is, this is an upgrade from that!

.02 – Ilia Multi Stick

This multi-stick is good for a swipe of color on your cheeks and/or lips, and this shade is such a fun sunshiny color to wear all summer long for a “fresh from the beach” look.

.03 – True Match Lumi Glotion

Put this on after moisturizer and before makeup for the perfect vacation, just got out of the sun (but didn’t!) dewy look. Finally something that isn’t glittery or shiney, but just makes you glow!

.04 – Dr. Lipp – Superfood Tint 3 Pack

This Dr. Lipp superfood tint in 3 shades made from sweet potato, red radish & elderberry is perfect to add a shiney touch to your eyelids, lips, or cheeks all summer long. Made from organic edible plant pigments.

.05 – Self Tanning Express Tan

This is one of our favorite self-tanners for when we don’t have time to lay out in the sun. We love it because it is a mousse and dries super fast + color starts to show within an hour. You can also choose how long to leave it on, based on how much color you’re trying to get. Some benefits: you can shower, sweat or swim after only one hour of wear without to color streaking. It’s paraben + sulfate free, cruelty free, and made with coconut water to help keep skin hydrated.

.06 – Pixi’s On-the-Glow Moisture Stick

I love this because it is a great multi-purpose product. You can use it to hydrate your face, lips, body, and hair on the go. Different ingredients include: Vitamin D2 which is a powerful antioxidant, Ginseng which revitalizes & balances, and Glycolic Acid that helps moisturize & renew.

.07 – Glossier’s Future Dew

This is a super unique product because it’s an oil/serum hybrid! It is literally summer dew in a bottle. The cherry on top of my daily skincare/makeup routine every day!

.08 – Derma E’s Radiant Glow Oil

This leaves us glistening every time we use it— it’s super nourishing to the skin with jojoba, seabuckthorn, and argan oil! Our favorite part, though, is the flakes of Mica— a natural mineral that leave natural shimmer on the skin. To top it all off, it’s 100% vegan and cruelty free 🙂