A Fun Partner Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Laura Charelle, the Balanced Bombshell and women’s health & wellness strategist who recently shared all about how you should be exercising according to your hormones is taking over IBT again today. But this time, with her fiancé! #FitCouple. The pair is walking/running/pushing us through this fun partner workout you can do anywhere. So grab your S.O. and get ready to sweat. You’ll be doubling up on quality time while squeezing in a workout!

Fun Partner Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Whether you’re preparing for a wedding, a baby photoshoot, or just want to feel good about yourself, a girl’s gotta stay in shape! And when you have your handsome man by your side, that eye candy can make exercise even more motivating. Here’s a little inspiration on how to exercise with your partner:

1. Bench Press

Fun Partner Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Pump up your man by having him bench press you!

1. At the park, find a bench where he can extend his elbows on either side. Be sure to bring a towel to support his back.

2. Fold your hands on your chest and crisscross your ankles in the air to tighten your legs. This will keep you from flailing. He’ll place one arm on your leg and another on your chest.

3. Then have him do the same sets he’d do at the gym. You will be working your core while trying to maintain your balance!

2. Tricep Dips

Fun Partner Workout You Can Do Anywhere

On the same bench, do some tricep dips!

1. Position your legs out in front of you, or bent for less weight. Lightly push away from the bench so the weight goes more into your feet. Then dip your body down, bending your arms, and straighten.

2. I like to do three sets of 12-15. Tyler will do a bit more!

* In between sets you can give him a little smooch 😉

Fun Partner Workout You Can Do Anywhere

3. Sit Ups

1. Facing each other, sit down in a crunch position. Have the tops of your toes touch each other. You can either both do a sit up at the same time, or one can go up, while the other crunches down. Either way, you’re going to feel those abs burn!

4. Pushups

Fun Partner Workout You Can Do Anywhere

1. Position yourself next to your beau to do pushups together, or face one other so you can high five in between – your choice!

2. Try 3 sets of 12! Whenever I do pushups I can do the first set with my legs up, no problem. But by the second set, I need to do them on bended knees. Don’t feel bad if you can’t keep up with your man here!

5. Side Planks

Fun Partner Workout You Can Do Anywhere

1. Start in a regular plank position and hold for one minute.

2. Then transition to a side plank where you’ll work your oblique muscles and check in with your guy! Hold for 30 seconds on each side.

6. Squats

Fun Partner Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Your squat options are as follows – squat next to each other, race to see who can do the most jumping squats in 30 seconds, or challenge your man’s strength like we did!

7. Cardio Sesh

Fun Partner Workout You Can Do Anywhere

To really bond with your guy, do some cardio! Race each other around the track. Kick around a soccer ball. Play basketball. Or go for a long run. We all know men love playing sports – it’s one of the ways they connect with each other. This type of exercise reduces stress, boosts our bonding and feel-good hormones, and is a great workout.

It’s also always fun to have something to train for, so you could both sign up for a 5K or 10K race. This could help you stay fit together through the fall!

Cool down

Fun Partner Workout You Can Do Anywhere

After you’ve gotten all sweaty, it’s time to cool down. Even though your workout is done, you can still use your partner to help you stretch!

1. Sitting on the ground, in a split position, make your feet touch and hold hands in the center. He can help pull you into the stretch as you lean forward, then do the same for him.

2. Standing next to each other, lean on his shoulder as you do a one legged stretch. Then switch.

As always, make sure to hydrate!

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