5 Fitness Bloggers That Are Changing The Game

If you haven’t already found out from scrolling through Instagram Stories, everybody (literally, everybody) has been working out at home to practice social distancing and whether you’re a fan of sharing it or not, we have to say everyone has gotten pretty creative. This also means that our all-time favorite fitness bloggers have switched to filming their at home workouts to inspire and keep all of us active, which is a win! Grab your weights, wine bottles, shampoo and conditioner, whatever you have and let’s get to work as we share our favorite fitness bloggers that have been sharing their at home workouts online for all of us to participate in during this time.

Alexia Clark



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Alexia is famous for her in-gym workouts but has completely shifted focus and gotten super innovative with her videos. She’s used everything from pans, towels, pillows, swiffers, to buckets filled with water bottles as workout props, which are all surely things that we have in our own homes so there’s no excuse to get a great workout in!




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Julie posts everything from 20 Minute Bodyweight HIIT workouts to Sunday Stretch videos and we are here for them all. Everything she does is so easy to follow along with, and she’s a big fan of correcting your form to prevent injuries which we are also here for!

Cara Loren



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Every one of Cara’s posts focuses on a different body muscle group which is amazing for when you’re trying to switch it up each day. She has the most adorable kiddos which sometimes make an appearance in the videos, and trust us when we say you will be on fire after completing one of her workouts!

Whitney Young Sicher



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We followed Whitney way before she had her sweet new baby and love that she continued to post her workouts all the way through her pregnancy, which is a huge inspiration! She has TONS of videos that you can access on her page, as she was posting these far before we all were locked in our homes.

Anna Victoria



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Her workouts that she’s recently been posting are great if you are working out with a roommate or partner at home and are trying to get creative on how to make it work in your living room! Most of them all you need is weights if anything.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to stay active as you get into your new routine at home like we are! Also be sure to check out How to Support Yourself and Others While Social Distancing if you missed it.

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